homemade bread why not called 'handmade' bread

After uploading numerous cooking images in Facebook, I would like to give a go to write my blog. This gives more space for me to write. I know it requires a lot of time and commitment but you got to start from somewhere isn’t it?
Bread baking is my new hobby but I think I got the grasp of it nicely. Funny enough, I seem to like it more than baking cakes. Less fattening I suppose and bread is part of the stable diet in Europe. There are just so many variations you can make to your dough. I have restrained myself to get a bread machine and it’s more special to have handmade bread. Everything handmade is more precious anyway, agree? Oh! just realise I am using the word ‘handmade’. I was thinking of using my hands working on the dough. All of a sudden I am wondering why we always call ‘homemade’ bread but not ‘handmade’ bread, could it be because not to mix up with “handmade bags”? Sorry I love BAGS too!!! Probably this hobby will enable me to buy fewer bags but to make more breads…….or BAGuettes.


3 thoughts on “homemade bread why not called 'handmade' bread

  1. This bread looks absolutely delicious.

    Hi there, many thanks for your compliment, homemade bread makes your kitchen smells really good. You have a blog too?

  2. Handmade bread is actually slightly different than homemade bread. I make homemade bread all the time by making the dough in a bread machine, then forming it on a baking sheet and cooking it in the oven.

    However, I am under the opinion that purely handmade bread has a slightly better texture and maybe even flavor. I resort to the bread machine because of time constraints.

    Thanks for a nice blog.


    Hi Will, thx for the differentiation between handmade and homemade bread. So homemade bread is semi-handmade bread I am still struggling of getting a bread machine as it takes up alot of space in the kitchen. But the advantage of having a bread machine is that you can set the timer to have fresh bread in the morning. At the moment, I still enjoy making everything from scratch as it gives me satisfaction. The dough making method illustrated by Richard Bertinet makes it very easy to make a nice dough.

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