best chinese restaurant in switzerland

A lot of friends have asked me what do I think about the chinese restaurants here in Switzerland. My genuine feeling is that they are not authentic enough and the interior decoration of the restaurants are usually rather old-fashioned with a lot of red and dragon pillars. I am sorry to be so critical but these styles almost do not exist in Hong Kong or even Shanghai anymore. One thing I don’t understand why the Japanese restaurants here can be comtemporary but why not the chinese restaurants too. Having said that, I did come across a very nice Chinese restaurant in Davos, the best I have been here in Switzerland. I was so impressed with the interior design and the food was delicious. To be honest, we did not specifically intended to have chinese food that day, I was just curious with the large windows and lights inside and went upstair to check out. I was surprised to find out it’s a chinese restaurant as the name ZAUBERBERG does not look chinese at all. Later during the dinner, I discovered that the female boss is also from Hong Kong but she has moved to Holland for over 14 years and then moved to Davos. to start her own restaurant. I said to her that I like the setting of the restaurant very much and she told me that it was designed by her friend who is a HK designer. Then I thought ‘no wonder’ it made me feeling as if I was in HK.


ZAUBERBERG Chinese Restaurant
Hotel Europe

Promenade 63, 7270, Davos, SWITZERLAND

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