what is 'paidol'?

wheat semonlina

I like going to supermarkets to discover all kinds of things. Since baking bread is my new hobby, I have tried to understand different types of flour here in Switzerland as the flour types and grading varies from country to country. One day I found a pack called PAIDOL in the flour column, I asked my Swiss friend and even she does not know what it is. There is not much information too in the internet so I thought this may be interesting to those who loves cooking or baking and you may find it in food specialty shop in your own country?

From its own website, I found some background and attempted to translate to English.

  • Paidol has more than 100 years, a traditional, proven Aids for shrewd cooks and chefs.
  • Paidol is a kind of durum wheat semolina very fine allowing the dough to better lift.
  • Paidol is not only a kitchen classics, but also high nutritional. It is, as in ancient times, with success in the small children’s nutrition as well as diet and Light foods. Paidol is also an ideal food as basis for small babies.
  • Thanks to the special composition, Paidol is a kitchen helper, it can bind to all kinds of loose dough loosely. Paidol binds soups and sauces, creams, puddings and desserts and loosens Knöpfli, homemade noodles, Soufflés, Purées, omelets.
  • Paidol consists mainly of Swiss-wheat semolina, the strength also consists valuable addition to protein and fatty substances. Beigemischt is Hirsegriess, an important building material for bone and hair growth, and wheat germ with valuable vitamins and trace elements.

I found a vintage version of Paidol’s recipe book dated in 1924 written in German.


Here is the current pdf version of the paidol-recipes found in its website but only in French or German.

Here is my yogurt bread with oatmeal & Paidol, please follow link.


6 thoughts on “what is 'paidol'?

  1. Hi Yvonne, I am afraid I cannot help you on your question. I don’t know where you can buy Paidol in the US. I think this is very possibel that it’s only available in Switzerland, Germany & France.

  2. Hello Janet,
    Fantastic news, Paidol still exists!!! I spent the evening with some friends and the discussion came on some food souvenirs when we were kids, that means sixty years ago…we talked about the sugus (soft fruit candies, the cenovis (a tasty paste coming out of a tube like tooth paste) this was used on a slice of bread and butter for 4 o’clock, these were really swiss institutions which are still available, like swiss knifes. I mentioned that my mother used to served us a moulded cup of Paidol with syrup when we were coming back from school. I have been asking lately for this famous Paidol in several shops and nobody knew what I was talking about. I was a bit desperate to have to admit that Paidol had disappeared from the planet… tonight, my friend had the curiosity to look on the web and found your site. She was sorry not having taken a bet with me.
    Tonight, I feel happy, like those american kids which I met once on a Greek island and were dreaming about their peanut butter when one of them took out of his bag a can of peanut butter, you cannot imagine the fiesta…
    Janet, please, In which shop may I find a box of Paidol, I live between Lausanne and Geneva.
    Thank you so much for your answer, I will be eternally thankful to you.

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