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peameal bacon sandwich: the closest to ‘ham’burger ???

Last week when I was in Toronto, I have a few good hours in St Lawrence Market. It was good that I have picked Saturday as this day you see most people and the atmosphere is just great. On Saturdays, starting from 5am, there is a farmers’ market which sell fresh food directly from their farms. As a food lover, I was just fascinated to see all kinds of specialty food stores. Rube’s is one of my most favorite stores, they have all types of flours and rice. Click for full photo album

I would like to highlight the peameal bacon sandwich from Carousel Bakery  which I had for lunch that day. I read from the internet that you must visit this bakery and I was wondering what so special about it. When I passed by I saw many people just sat at the bench eating the sandwiches. Normally I don’t like bacon very much but seeing so many people trying and with curiosity I bought one and sat on the bench and ate it there. Surprisingly, it really tasted delicious, the peameal bacon was tender, not salty nor oily at all and the warm soft bun tasted unique. The portion was just right, didn’t feel stuffed. Since normal hamburger does not contain ham but beef, at least the peameal bacon is from pork and its color looks like ham. Therefore in my opinion, I would think the peameal bacon sandwich should be considered to be the closest to hamburger. If you visit Toronto, this is surely a MUST-TRY food item!!!



2 thoughts on “peameal bacon sandwich: the closest to ‘ham’burger ???

  1. Hi! There’s another gem in this market: Veal and Eggplant sandwich. Whenever I’m there, I can’t seem to decide whether to get this peameal sandwich or the eggplant (down at the basement).

    Nice to know, I think I know which one you meant, is it the one near a small stall selling various types of tofu? I saw that sandwich bar which was crowded with people and wondered.

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