my favorite kitchen-aids

I would like to share with you some of my kitchen utensils which I consider to be practical.

  • Zyliss Chopper: If you have seen my Swiss Barley Soup recipe as an example, there is so much to finely chop, and this tool has certainly given me a big hand. It does not need electricity, safe to handle, easy to wash (dishwasher safe). Although it says all-purpose, I use it to chop vegetables only. Highly recommended !!!!!

  • Tasting wooden spoon: I came across in Toronto. It is practical and looks nice. I find it special  because you have both sides work as big and small tasting spoon.


  •  Seasoning containers: I bought them in Hong Kong, I think they are invented by the Japanese years ago. These containers make cooking more convenient, you can keep your most frequent used seasonings there such as corn starch, sugar, fine salt, kosher salt, flour, etc. You can place them either vertically or horizontally as you like. Somehow they do not seem to be that common outside Asia. Nevertheless, IKEA now stocks a similar item but much bigger in size.

  • Steaming Rack: This is how Chinese prepare steam dishes, we put the rack in a wok or deep pan with boiling water (water level just below the surface of the rack, and then place the prepared dish onto the rack, cover the top and steam in high heat for how long it will require.

  • Clipper for steamed dishes: This tool can help you taking out your steamed dishes out of a wok or deep pan without burning your hands!


  • Sesame Mill bought from Japan Centre in London Picadilly, I saw this in some Ramen restaurants, now I can serve ramen like eating out with crushed sesame seeds and seven spices powder : )

  • Japanese Tea Filter Sachets for infusing tea in teapots. However, I use them for other purpose as well. For example, when cooking food in a pan and want to separate certain ingredients from the others so they are more easily found or to avoid from sticking to the bottom of the pan . See my chicken congee as an example.


5 thoughts on “my favorite kitchen-aids

  1. My mother and stepmother both swear by their choppers, too, though theirs aren’t nearly as neat-looking as yours. One of these days, I’ll get one, myself. And your containers remind me of coffee pots… 🙂 Nonetheless, I’ve been snooping around here and your photos are lovely – I’m irreparably jealous.

    p.s. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!

    Hi Kate, thanks for your compliment. Glad you like the photos too. I am hoping to learn more photography skills. Writing a blog enable me to combine several interests together: food, travel, photo-taking. Janet

  2. That chopper looks really cool! The steaming things look most useful as well.

    Hi there, thanks and nice you like them too : )

  3. Do you know where I can buy a seasoning container on line without going to Hong Kong? It seems great!

    thanks for sharing your most useful kitchen things.

    Hi there, thanks for your comment. Regarding to the seasoning container, if you don’t mind the size, IKEA has one which is bigger in size, it’s called FÖRHÖJA
    Wall shelf with drawers. Here is the link for you: http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/40034296. Hope this helps. Cheers, Janet

  4. I have been looking for those type of Japanese tea filters for a long time. I prefer them to others I am using. I run a teahouse and want to purchase them in bulk. Do you know where I can order them online or do you have a brand name for them? Thanks.

  5. Hi Michelle
    I have just visited your site and found that you are from New York, I think that will make it a lot easy, I do not know how to buy in bulk but since you are from NYC, I know there is a big Japanese Supermarket in New Jersey and perhaps you can try the Korean street in NYC which they always stock both Korean and Japanese stuff, hope this helps.

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