north 44 )°

When I was in Toronto recently, I had a very memorable dinner with my old friends from US in North 44 )° . This restaurant was picked by my old pal, he had been there 8 years ago and he would like to revisit. I had no objection at all as this friend always has good recommendations.  This place had recently been renovated but the standard of food was not deteriorated at all. We all left with satisfying stomachs and smiling faces.

I have enjoyed my meal in particular my starter and dessert which both were not in the menu.


Starter: Steak tartar (special of that day), the portion was not too big. I was surprised it was served in 3 small portions instead of the traditional one portion in the middle. The tartar was not too minced, so it gives more texture in your mouth.

Main course: Grilled Black Cod accompanied with Chinese green vegetables and mash potatoes with chives

I did not take a photo for my main course as it looked a little odd and disturbing when I was engaged in a conversation, so I kept to minimal. But I have to say the fish cooked just right and the mashed potato with a little twist by having some chives was delicious.


Dessert: Bourbon with salted pecan homemade ice cream, this was absolutlely divine.


North 44 )°

2537 Yonge Street, Toronto


Wine we had:

  • White: Nautilus Sauvignon Blanc 2006, Marlborough New Zealand
  • Red: Bogle Reserve Zinfandal 2004, Shenandoah Valley, US

Toronto does have numerous excellent contemporary and fusion restaurants but this one will surely be one in the top list.


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