two great japanese restaurants in one day in NYC (Part I)

I like Japanese food so much that I had Japanese food for both lunch and dinner in one day during my very short visit in New York.

I have been struggling for some time if I should write about these two Japanese restaurants in separate pages or combine together. First of all, I want to state that I do not mean to compare these two restaurants as they are of completely different styles. In the end I have decided to write them in the same page as they represent that special day that I had Japanese food for both meals.



I went to SUSHI JUN in 50th Street, this is a small Japanese restaurant in the corner of the street, not too noticeable but when I saw the Japanese chefs and the little open kitchen, I immediately thought this restaurant probably serves authentic Japanese food. As nowadays, a lot of Japanese restaurants are not run by Japanese people.



Anyway, instead of ordering sushi or sashimi (my usual habit), I wanted to try something different and have ordered Maguro Tartar as appetizer and Tempura Udon.


I was intrigued by the Chefs professionalism and their dedication in cooking.

MAGURO TARTAR: Chopped Marinated Tuna with Quail Egg Yolk

Needless to say, I was completely happy with both dishes, for the maguro tartar: the texture of avocado, tuna and quail egg yolk blend very well together.  As for the tempura udon, there were 2 shrimp tempura freshly prepared and placed on top of the udon (Japanese white noodle), the udon were slightly chewy which is what I would expect with a nice authentic udon.

If you happen to be in the neighbourhood, you should pay a visit as the food is of high quality with very reasonable price. The dishes I had were from à la carte, they do have lunch menu. If I go to New York again, I would definitely revisit as there are many more dishes I would like to try. They even have OMAKASE (Chef’s Special Recommendation from the sushi bar) with price ranges from USD 35-60.


302 West 50th Street, New York, NY 10019

Tel: +1 212-315-4800

For Part II



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