two great japanese restaurants in one day in NYC (Part II)

…. continue from Part I


I went to a Modern Japanese Restaurant called MEGU with my hubby for his belated birthday celebration. This restaurant was recommended by my friend that it’s currently very popular in New York that I should not miss.

There are two MEGUs in NYC, one in Tribeca and one in Midtown. I had no idea which one is better so I chose the one in Midtown for our convenience. I did not realise until I arrive the restaurant that the Midtown branch is located in The Trump World Tower. Andbelieve it or not, Trump was there too with his friends??!!

We were very impressed with the interior decoration, very contemporary and nice ambiance. I later asked what’s the difference of the two MEGUs and they told me that the Midtown one is a little more formal and quiet. This makes sense as it is located in the business area. 

When I studied the menu, it seemed that there were too many dishes I would like to try. Then I recalled my friend had mentioned the Unami Prix Fixe Course. Unami n is actually like a tasting menu, it consists of a personalized arrangement of 6 of their signature dishes.

Of all the dishes, I like these two courses most:


Kobe Beef Slice Grilled Table side on a River Stone, the sauce was poured in front of you, be careful the flames!!!


Assorted MEGU sushi: The 2 pieces I liked most were the 2nd piece from the left that a small piece of chili was put on top on the Salmon Belly and the last piece on the right which was chopped seared kobe beef wrapped with seaweed and a small piece of roasted garlic placed on top.

Overall, the 6 courses had filled up our stomachs with the right portion of each course. The dessert was a multi-layered of very thin pancakes filled with cream. It did not look very special but when I tried the first bite, I wondered how they prepared it as it seemed a lot of work to make a cake like that. I would say this restaurant defintely worths a try if you want to impress your partner, friends, guests.

Later I noticed that they have opened another MEGU in Hong Kong end of 2007 in Elements, Kowloon. I hope I get a chance to try out one day then I can tell if it is better or worse than the MEGU NYC.

MEGU Midtown

845 UN Plaza 47th Street (1st Ave)

New York, NY 10017

(The Trump World Tower)


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