restaurant Säge, basel, switzerland



 * zur Säge means next to the saw-factory; wirtshaus means inn                      —>i.e. the inn next to the saw-factory



On my actual birthday this year, my hubby took me to a haute cuisine restaurant as a treat. I had been there once for a christmas party from work but this time was a private occasion, it indeed felt more special.

This restaurant is not located in the city centre (13 km outside centre of Basel) but can be reached by tram easily from town in 15 mins. It is well-known in the neighbourhood and I later found out that it is awarded with one Michelin star but the owners which are a young couple are pretty low profile about it as I did not see anything when I entered the restaurant.

You will not expect to have any menus hand out to you. Sandra Marugg Suter, the co-owner had detailed their menu of that day carefully to us. For the main course, there were two different meat to choose from. In case, you don’t like anything, you can just let them know to change to something else.

So this is what we had that day:

 Greeting Starter: White asparagus soup & salad with white aspagus & local ham from Flüh.


2nd Starter: Herb mousse with herb brioche, small salad & grilled perch & scampi. The scampi cooked just right!


1st Main Course: Grilled Lamp Chop from Scotland. The lamb was great, the meat was rosé.


Accompanies: Rosemary new potatoes & broccoli mousse. I am fond of potatoes normally but with new potatoes, it’s a different story. Whatsmore: Rosemary & potatoes are just perfect match. How can I resist!


2nd Main Course: Lasagna with garlic and chicken. I was surprised of how the chicken came out as they have been able to cook it just right. It was so tender and looked a little pink but not undercooked. If you don’t like garlic, you can ask them to leave out but I love garlics.


1st Dessert: Fresh Strawberries in Rosé Champagne with Peppermint ice-cream. Because it was my b’day, I had a special treat & had taken an extra dessert from their list.


2nd Dessert: This was the dessert that originally went with the menu: Quark with fresh apricots, on the side was flaky pastry. What was written on the plate—Gute Geburgtstag means happy birthday.


Final round: Cappuccino; the swan-shaped aluminium foil was a special patisserie to take away. Too full to eat more …. 


This is what’s inside the swan-shaped aluminium foil: Rhubarb Kugelhopf. We had it for breakfast, making us recalling the lovely dinner. 


Wow, 6 courses dinner: 2 starters, 2 main courses and 2 desserts. And of course, good food cannot go without wine, we had a bottle of wine from Gaja, Toscana. This restaurant is certainly recommended for special occasions. I am very pleased that you could find restaurants in Switzerland that served contemporary dishes.


Wirtshaus aur Säge

Steinrain 5, 4112 Flüh SO

Tel: +41 61 731 1577



7 thoughts on “restaurant Säge, basel, switzerland

  1. Janet! I had ‘zur sage’ in my phone and didn’t know what that is. Pretty sure it was a restaurant so I googled and found your site. Did you give me this ? :))

    PS: did you ask before you took pictures? It’s a rather formal restaurant, it seems.

  2. Hi Venny, I have not given you the phone number of Zur Saege. Yes it’s a pretty formal restaurant but the restaurant people know us and as courtesy it’s always better ask first but I did not last time. I did write to the lady owner and gave her my link after I have blogged about their restaurant.

  3. Hi Janet!

    Based on this wonderful post, our happy party, visiting Switzerland from Toronto, Canada, enjoyed the most interesting trek to Flueh from Zurich in order to find this hidden gem of a restaurant!
    Armed with only the name of the restaurant (and not speaking any German), we familiarized ourselves with the Basel transportation system enough to find ourselves tripping through the cobbled incline where the restaurant is nestled….
    Although we were wearing upgraded hikers’ clothes, Sandra and the staff treated us like honored guests. The meal was absolutely wonderful, brimming with spring’s gifts: fresh morels, asparagus, the infamous bärluch, spring chicken, rhubarb, and strawberries!
    Thank you so much for your excellent culinary navigation towards this absolutely delightful restaurant!
    PS-thank you also for the advice on what to bring expat Chinese in Switzerland. The fancy Canadian ginseng was appreciated! Next time, we will be sure to pay you a visit bearing Canadian Chinese gifts!

  4. Hi Jennifer, I am thrilled to hear your culinary experience and my restaurant review was helpful : ) My hubby and I have just been there 2 weeks ago actually and ate the same things as you did. You reminded me the nice dinner we had ; ) That was a long hike you made and certainly deserved a nice dinner. Sandra is very friendly and always make you feel welcome. Let me know if you come to Basel again, would be nice to meet you one day : )

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