mitsukoshi restaurant & sushi bar, London

Last week when I was in London, I was so glad to be able to meet up with my old friend who we have not seen each other for years. We both fancied Japanese food that day and she took me to Mitsukoshi London (located near Piccadilly Circus). If you would like a relatively quiet environment, this is the place you can choose. I saw a lot of Japanese people eating here, so it should not go too wrong.

I had an early bird dinner menu which cost £22, it includes a seafood tempura, sashimi, japanese pickles, a bowl of Japanese rice and a beer or a glass of wine. I think the price is reasonable for London and most importantly, the japanese food here is authentic. The shrimp tempura was very fresh and the batter was nicely done.  The portion of this menu is probably more suitable for ladies than men.

Early Bird Menu
Early Bird Menu


That day I had a crave of sushi as well and have ordered 3 pieces: Uni (sea urchin), Hamachi (yellowtail), and Sake (salmon). Oishi!!!

Pity that they do not have my favorite black sesame ice-cream, so instead I had green tea ice-cream with red bean paste.

Green tea ice-cream with red bean paste
Green tea ice-cream with red bean paste


There is a sushi bar on the other side and a separate bar, they have a wide selection of sakes. If I revisit again, I may try Omakase* at their sushi bar or shabu-shabu (Japanese hotpot), for omakase they said I would need to make a reservation first.


Part of their sake selection
Part of their sake selection

Mitsukoshi London, Restaurant & Sushi Bar 

Dorland House

14-20 Lower Regent Street

London SW1Y 4PH



*Source from Wikipedia: Omakase (お任せ) is the Japanese word meaning “entrust” or “protect”. It is most commonly encountered at sushi bars, where the customer may request お任せお願いします omakase onegaishimasu (onegaishimasu meaning “please do me the favor”) to give the chef authority to prepare what the chef wants to make for you at the price that the chef sets. Ordering omakase can be a gamble; however, the customer typically receives the highest quality fish the restaurant currently has in stock at a price cheaper than if it was ordered à la carte.

2 thoughts on “mitsukoshi restaurant & sushi bar, London

  1. Hi there. Very nice blog, I came here from the BBC food page. I have a quick culinary question, mainly because I’m intrigued. When you mention green tea ice-cream with red bean paste, is it savoury? Silly question, but what does it taste like? It sounds fascinating and I’ve never encountered it!

    Thx for your feedback, really appreciate it. Green Tea ice-cream is actually a typical Japanese dessert, tastes not too sweet. Years ago when I first tried in Hong Kong, I was facinated too. In Asia (e.g. HK and Japan), Haagen Daz has the green tea flavored ice cream too, not bad, maybe they have it available in London too.

  2. Wonderful food blog. I too came here from the BBC food page.

    Thanks Margaret, I am glad to receive some positive feedback. Just returned from holiday in France, has been quiet for some time, now thinking of something nice to blog about.

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