summer vacation in southwest France: Part I – gourmet experience in La Barbanne campsite, Bordeaux

It was the first time to go on holidays in a camper van. As a city girl, this was a very special experience to me, I haven’t seen other Chinese in the campsites other than me, they were mostly Dutch, French and English. 

I would not say this is my most favorite way of travel but it is certainly a good way if you would like to bring along your kids and pets. For me, not mention the Chateaux visits in St Emilion, the most rewarding thing was that I could cook something nice in the evening with the fresh food we bought in the farmers markets and supermarkets, . Fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and local French Cheese, all can be kept in the fridge. If I am staying hotels, I can only look at them but cannot buy all the food I would like to sample. I like eating out too but eating out every single day is a bit too much.

This trip we have altogether driven almost 3000 km in 12 days. Leaving from Basel, we have stopped in Burgundy, Massif Central, and finally our main destination, Bordeaux.  

There have been so many nice experience in this trip: Bike riding in the vineyards, visiting & wine tasting in chateaux, buying local produce from farmers market in Sarlat, etc

I would like to write about my trip in different parts and centred around my gourmet experience. Gourmet, gourmand or gourmandise are words originated in France and I bumped into these words from time to time in this trip, probably just because I have paid more attention after starting my foodblog.

Others you can find my pictures uploaded in flickr.

Part I: Food experience in campsite: Domaine de la Barbanne, St Emilion, Bordeaux

Part II: Medieval town Sarlat in the Dordogne region

Part III: Panfried white fish with red gooseberries sauce

Part IV: Vanilla ice cream with Quattro berries sauce & Macarons

Part V: Gastronomique dinner in La Tertre, St Emilion



Throughout our trip La Barbanne is the best campsite we have stayed in terms of location and facilities. Each pitch has large grassy pitches with dividing hedges for privacy. It is located in the heart of the Bordeaux wine region, only 2.5 km from St. Emilion town. One evening we biked to St Emilion town for a gastronomique dinner without worrying coming back after dark to the campsite (Part IV).


Breakfast experience

Bread has played a pivotal role in French history, even the fresh bakery that La Barbanne orders the bread from is of superlative quality. We have stayed in this campsite for 5 nights which allowed us to try something different each morning.

                        it's bigger than usual !!!

The croissant is bigger than usual, the honey we bought in Massif Central goes very well with it.


Artisan Wholemeal Baguette

Artisan Wholemeal Baguette (pain complet)


This is my favorite: Baguette with Poppy seeds and Flaxseeeds

Camembert matches very well with this baguette. You can see the poppy seeds are inside the bread as well and gives the bread a distinct taste.


Instant Noodle with egg

However, one morning, I still miss chinese food and cooked an instant noodle with egg.


Dinner experience

For one evening, I have cooked a Ratatouille style of vegetable & chicken with heart-shaped pasta. I was inspired by the Ratatouille cartoon we watched the night before, perfectly fitted to the French country-side environment.





Tomatoes, aubergine, white zucchini & onions






Simple and nice Ratatouille with chicken & pasta



Domaine de la Barbanne

Route de Montagne, F-33330 St Emilion (Gironde)

Email: barbanne@wanadoo.fr


For more of my gourmet experience, please stay tuned for Part II – V.


One thought on “summer vacation in southwest France: Part I – gourmet experience in La Barbanne campsite, Bordeaux

  1. It’s always handy to have instant noodles around… I remember I was dying for some wonton noodles!!

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