summer vacation in southwest France: part IV: vanilla ice cream with quattro berries sauce & macarons

I am not fond of gooseberries normally but this was the first time I came across this pink gooseberries in France and found them so irresistible. We have the white ones grown in our garden but I find they are rather sour, one way of using them is to make a drinking syrup if you have enough quantity.

That day, we have bought the pink and red gooseberries; cassis and blackberries. I have made them into a sauce by marcerating them in sugar (same method as in Part III). It’s great to pour on ice cream, I could even freeze it for later use.

So this holiday, I have learnt something new, the berry sauce can be used for both savoury dish as in Part III or in desserts (ice cream or natural plain yogurt).

St Emilion is not own known for its wine but also famous for marcarons, these ones taste soft and a little chewy. They are not only perfect with a nice cup of coffee or cappuccino but I also find them match very well with ice cream.



For more gooseberries recipes, please click here.


5 thoughts on “summer vacation in southwest France: part IV: vanilla ice cream with quattro berries sauce & macarons

  1. Hola Janet! Congrats for be one of the FFFs at the LeftoverQueen’s!!!!!

    Can you believe I never bought berries? I wouldn’t know how to use them… that’s why I’m so glad I came over ;D

    Hi Núria, thanks for stopping by. when I blogged about this, I thought everyone knows how to use berries except me, I wasn’t quite sure if it’s worth to write about. I am glad you get something from it. This sauce is also very good with natural plain yogurt or white creamy greek style yogurt that you can add the flavour to the yogurt yourself. Great for breakfast or a little snack : )

  2. I love berries, wish they have more varieties here in the mainland though. And thanks for dropping by my blog.
    I don’t quite understand what ‘features’ you’re talking about – is it the badges? widgets? or layout.

    I’m using wp layout, just a bit of modification on the header tho. I do it myself. The badges also my own. And yes, to modify the layout you need to upgrade 😀

    Hi there, I was referring to that you are featured as one of the five Finest Foodies Friday of 9 Sep. Check out if you are not aware.
    Here is the LINK for you. Unfortunately I don’t know CSS yet so will take some time to learn and then consider upgrade. Is it difficult to learn CSS? I like your badges a lot, they are cute and make your blog very cheerful.

    By the way, my friends in Shanghai cannot read my blog in China. It must have been block, luckily you have no problem with it.

  3. Hi Janet,

    Thank you so much for participating.

    First time, I am seeing berries in different colours, pink, red, etc. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
    Icecream is too yummy, never tried berries with icecreams 🙂

    If you are preparing any other dishes of berries, please do send them too. Last date is Sep. 30.

    With warm Regards,

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