my way of white radish oden


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A few days ago I had a white radish at home and initially I was thinking to make a chinese or korean stew which usually would end up to be an other meat dish, but I have decided to make steamed pork with sour plum and yellow bean sauce already that day and I prefer to prepare a vegetable dish to go with it for dinner. 

I had some chinese leaves left which I should finish them as well. I was wondering how to cook these two vegetables together in a simple and nice way. Later I came up with an idea of cooking them in the Japanese Oden way. Oden is a very common Japanese One-Pot Dish. I only followed the seasonings but not all the traditional ingredients. The result was very good, light and fat-free and it balanced with my steamed pork which in contrast one tasted stronger than the other.



  • one white radish or (Japanese called it daikon), cut into big cubes or round pieces (e.g. 4cm x 4cm)
  • Half portion of chinese leaves
  • shiitake mushrooms & carrots (optional)


  • 4 tbsps of soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp of sugar
  • 2 tbsp of sake
  • dashi soup stock or 1 cube of vegetable stock 
  • Method:

    • Cut the white radish  and chinese leaves into large pieces. 
    • Put the ingredients into a deep pan and fill the pan with boiling water just cover the vegetables.
    • Add sake, soy sauce, and sugar in the pan. Turn down the heat to low and simmer for at least 40-60 minutes. The taste is better if you simmer long enough so the taste can immerse completely into the vegetables.
    • When it is ready, you can either serve in a big bowl or alternatively, I have separated them into individual bowls, one for each person.
    • Sprinkle a few pinches of the Japanese seven spices powder or ‘assorted Chili pepper’ (see pictures below) which can enhance the taste.


    Funny enough, my hubby said it tasted like how his mom prepared it when he was small. I have to ask oma’s recipe next time when I visit her : ) I must say this is not an authentic Japanese dish but I have used the Japanese seasonings to prepare the vegetables I have,  purely for my convenience and it worked out to be another nice dish which worth repeating again.


    One thought on “my way of white radish oden

    1. What a wonderful dish. I have never used white radish like this before. Will have to give it a try, sounds simple!

      Hi Chuck, I hope you will like it!

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