my snowy coffee milk powder dispenser

as seen in #5813 foodgawker/ 24.09.08

This item you see above is supposed to be a sugar dispenser, I bought it in Strasbourg, France this summer. However when I tried it at home, it did not seem to be very easy to fill up as the opening was not too wide. Secondly, the sugar particles became small clumps when exposed to air moisture and making it not very user friendly and clean. Luckily last week all of a sudden, I found a very good alternative solution, I used it as a coffee milk powder dispenser which works much better as the milk particles are much finer and easier to fill into the dispenser, the milk powder is also drier that I do not need to worry that it will get stuck at the opening anymore. It now looks like a snowman, perfectly fit for the coming winter season. So now I have a practical but at the same time a cute coffee milk powder dispenser : ) It’s also a great gift idea too!

Now time for a cup of coffee !


5 thoughts on “my snowy coffee milk powder dispenser

  1. I love this dispenser so far, and it seems sturdy enough that it will last for many many years to come. I would definitely buy it again, and will recommend it to people that need a coffee milk powder dispenser.

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