my first mushroom hunting near seewen in basel land

Last Tuesday it was my first time to go mushroom picking/ hunting, an activitiy which you can only do in Autumn. Of course I did not go alone, my friend Carmen was my guide. I was told that you could just go to any forest with tall pine trees. I just drove to a place randomly near my home. At first, I was a bit skeptical if we would find anything that day but I thought nothing to lose, we would still enjoy being outside for a while.

We were very lucky that we met a Swiss lady who was about to take a stroll with her dog and came with us and helped us finding a lot of edible mushrooms. She is very kind and knows which area would have a greater possibility of having mushrooms grown.

After picking the mushrooms, you have to go to a Control and have your mushrooms inspected to make sure that they are safe to eat.

as seen in #7136 foodgawker, 22.10.08


Here I share some highlight with you:

Orange mushrooms: ‘Echter Reizker’, your fingers will go orange when picking them.  I was taught to simply cook them with finely chopped garlic & olive oil. I sprinkled with a little Provencal herbs on top and served with a homemade garden tomato & paprika sauce on spaghetti. The orange mushrooms tasted very different and strong. A very special meal !!!




Nebelgrauer Tricherling is also safe to eat. I blanched them and freezed them for consuming another day.

Nebelgrauer Tricherling found in the forest.

A big Nebelgrauer Tricherling

Basket full very quickly all of a sudden

Our hunting dog, protecting us from wild boar!


The following ones are not edible, just to enjoy looking!

This one is poison of course!!!

Schopftintling: Left-before turning black; Right-after turning black

These are Schopftintling, I was told that you can eat them without mixing with alcohol (Left above) if they have not turned black (Right above). Just by chance, I found this one turned into black in our garden after being away for a few days but in any case I would not dare to eat it without being checked by an expert.

So that was an adventurous afternoon, I will probably have to wait until next year for another mushroom hunting!



6 thoughts on “my first mushroom hunting near seewen in basel land

  1. Wow, how lucky! I don’t trust myself enough to pick mushrooms, although their edibility can get checked at the local market…



    Hi Rosa, I wouldn’t not do it alone. But I was just curious to hear the experience from Carmen and I was lucky that she could make time and come with me. I am just curious with all kinds of new things.

  2. Hey Janet!!!! What a fantastic day :D… aaaahhhh it makes me think of my childhood… we used to go mushrooms hunting with my parents!

    The orange one is like the most famous one in Catalonia and people would pay whatever to have it fresh. I do love it too but not that much. Here it’s called Rovelló and in Spanish Níscalo. And you did right, that is the best way to eat it 😀

    Hi Núria, it was a very nice experience. Thanks for sharing your information from Spain. I would not say I love the taste that that much really but it felt special that you picked yourself and could eat them afterwards

  3. OH! Janet! Really nice pictures of our adventure. I really enjoyed it as well, if you like, we could go again next week..

  4. I’d love to taste your Echter Reizker pasta!!

    I hope your tongue didn’t turn orange !!

    Hey Joe, I have not thought of that actually.

  5. Hi, just visited your site and found some great information that I can use straight away. Thanks’ lot’s. Will be back soon.

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