my gourmet trip in venice: part I

Gondolas by San Marco Square taken with clear sky

I have recently travelled to Venice, I was lucky to visit this beautiful place again for the third time. I wanted to focus this trip in taking photos, explore around food but not shopping. Although it was already October but it was just as crowded as in the Summer. The weather was not that warm, sunny with clear blue sky but I managed to take some nice photos, good enough to retain some good memories.

San Servolo

San Servolo

You would know Murano, Burano and Lido but probably not San Servolo. We stayed there for the first 2 nights because of the conference that we had to attend which was held there. This lagoon is being restored and very popular to be used for conferences and cultural events. Although there is a Waterbus Nr 20 going back and forth from San Zaccaria (near San Marco Square) regularly but it is still not that convenient especially when there was a transportation strike during our stay. So for the last two night, we moved back and stayed in the mainland of Venice.

Bridge of Signs dated Oct 2008 

Unfortunately the Bridge of Signs is undercontruction, so I could not get a good picture of it.


Palazzo Ducale in Piazza San Marco


A quiet canal in San Polo on Sunday morning

A quiet canal in San Polo on Sunday morning


Grand Canal (looking from Rialto bridge)

Grand Canal, looking from Rialto bridge

Do you know which building was collapsed and filmed in the Bond movie: Casino Royal

Fish Market   Soft shell crabs



                                  Fish market near Rialto in San Polo

 Veg Stall by Ponte dei Pugni at Campo San Barnaba    Campo San Barnaba and a distant to Ponte dei Pugni

                                                     Ponte dei Pugni

My initial plan that day was to see the barge by the bridge: Ponte dei Pugni (Bridge of Fists) in Campo San Barnaba which is said to be one of the few floating vegetable markets remaining in Venice. However, I did not see any floating market, but only found THE ONLY ONE vegetable stall and a boat with some vegetable in it. I thought I was too late so I went back the second day and still I saw nothing special. Rather my next stop in Campo San Margherita was much more interesting and rewarding.


Fish Stall in Campo San Margherita  Fruit & Veg Stall in Campo San Margherita

Campo Santa Margherita, focal point of the Dorsoduro

I have to say the part I enjoyed most during my stay in Venice was in Campo Santa Margherita. Here you find fresh fish, fruit and vegetable stalls where local Venetians come to do their shopping. I was lucky that the weather permitted to sit outside, I went to Café Causin, Nr 2996, sat down for lunch. I ordered a panini sandwich, a cappuccino and a typical Venetian aperitif, Spritz: white wine with sparkling water and a dash of Select, Bitter or Aperol. I highly recommend this Café, the waiters there were all very friendly and the price there were much more favorable as this area is much further away from San Marco Square.


Spritz and complimentary chips from Café Causin



Gelato is one thing you cannot miss, the Italian gelato is just so good, I had gelato for my late breakfast one day and I even tried from 3 different gelato shops to try out the difference. Being subjective, I feel those gelato I tried in Dorsoduro seemed to taste nicer. There is this one called GROM which also has shops in New York and Paris, the way they scoop the gelato is very different. I would not say, I like the gelato more from than the others, GROM is more pricey than the others. I just like them all. Bacio and lemon sorbets are my favorite flavors.

          GROM in Campo San Barnaba, Dorsoduro   Gelato from GROM


This post is getting too long, I will write the restaurants review in Part II.

You can find more pictures of my food experience in Venice in flickr.

6 thoughts on “my gourmet trip in venice: part I

  1. I saw Venice 2 o 3 times in my life (more or less 300km from me) … but I never saw she with the sun … always a big rain.

    Great picture and report about venice 🙂 I’d like to eat the gelato .. but I cannot at the moment … so I’m waiting after my first half-marathon 😦

    Is the italian food fantastic after your travel? 🙂

  2. Great pictures Janet!!!! And such beautiful memories… I was in Venice 2 or 3 winters ago… I loved the city 😀

    I had wonderful meals at Caravella Restaurant, also we went to all these beautiful and decadents spots… Aaahhh I wish I was there :D. You are so lucky it’s sunny!

    Thanks Nuria, in fact, the sunny period was in interval, I had to maximize the moment when there is sun. In fact, shortly after lunch outside Cafe Causin, it turned windy, cool and grey in 5 mins, but I was lucky that despite windy it did not rain and I had taken a lot of pics that day already. Another fact is Venice always is hazy which makes it so difficult to take pictures.

  3. I love Venice, I think it’s one of the most romantic and beautiful city in the world. I was very lucky also when I was there a few years ago in Summer. The sky was soooo blue and the water was turquoise blue. It was before the high season, so it was not crowd at all.

    Lucky you, did you get a lot of nice pictures? It was also hot and sunny, the first time I went there but I could not capture any nice pictures.

  4. Three times to Venice, eh? That’s a convincing argument to go and you’ve just moved it up on my list with the sights, including that yum seafood.

  5. I am also a fan of lemon sorbet gelato! I just love Italy, the food, the historic building, the gelato…
    And I agree…. stay away from food around San Marco, they are so expensive and taste not good.

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