more cookies on snowy days

10 Dec 2008 Outside Home, first day snowing in this Winter

When I woke up this morning, I see everything was covered white outside. It was said that it may still be snowing for the next couple of days. Luckily my car has just got in time changed to winter tires today.

Snowy day in Duggingen 10 dec 2008


And I have stocked up yesterday from the supermarket so I can stay peacefully at home baking more cookies and amaretti. I am flying to UK tomorrow and will take them with me to give out to my friends.

Also I was experimenting the best baking time and temperature for my oven. And this afternoon, I think I have got the hang the best temperature for my chewy chocolate cookies, of course it’s a matter of personal taste. The best was to eat them when they are still a bit warm. Last time I said I have used 170ºC but with a few more attempts, I can’t agree more with Mrs. Field that it is better at 150ºC.  So I have amended in my recipe from 170ºC to 150ºC. Although 170ºC is already chewy but 150ºC does make the cookie even more chewy. There is no need to worry that they are still rather soft when out of the oven. They look so good when the chocolate are somewhat melted and looks a bit shining. Not only I like eating the cookies, I enjoy taking photos for my cookies, I created a new term for myself ‘food modelling’…..


as seen in TasteSpotting #28749, 11.12.08 ; foodgawker #11012 , 11.12.08; Photograzing 19.12.08


Mountain of Cookies

Chewy Chocolate Cookies 10 Dec 08


7 thoughts on “more cookies on snowy days

  1. Nice pictures and great cookies! They must taste really good!



    Thanks Rosa, the cookies & amaretti I brought to UK have disappeared in no time : )

  2. ummm..they look soooo good!!!! Do you just add cocoa powder in the recipe? Mine are almost gone..I have to make some more!!
    Hi Carmen, yes I just used Caotina Drinking Chocolate powder, Swiss quality -perfect ok to use.

  3. I made some like these a while ago. I love oatmeal cookies and chocolate so it is the perfect combo. I wonder how PB chips would taste in them as well?
    Can’t agree more, I feel the oatmeal adds the fibre making it more healthy and the even better texture. What is PB chips by the way, excuse my ignorance.

  4. It’s being really cold here too! No snow in the city but some mountains nearby are white on their tops!

    Great cookies, Janet! They are shouting EAT ME!

    Hi Núria, I am now in UK and also very cold despite no snowing. I like your expression ‘EAT ME’ : )

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