a stroll along the long beach of Texel (near De Cocksdorp)

Seagulls flying along side the Teso Ferry

This Christmas, we are staying in a bungalow in the stress-free island, Texel (Dutch , North of Holland. To get to Texel, we took the ferry from Den Helder with our car and with seagulls flying alongside the ferry in the air. The Teso ferry brings you to Texel in just 20 minutes.

Today, we had a long stroll along the beach near post 28 near De Cocksdorp), it was very relaxing walking along the shore, the wind blows away all your worries behind.






Lighthouse near De Cocksdorp (North of Texel)



Sand dunes and Beach


2 lovely Terriers playing at the beach: Jack Russell Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier




What will this be like after 100 years?




Beach café: Café restaurant de Toren
The perfect end to a long walk on the beach: relaxing with a hot chocolate and a bite to eat at a welcoming beach café


Hot Chocolate with Frikendel & Bitterballen

Hot chocolate with fresh whipped cream & typical Dutch snacks: Frikandel & bitterballen


Brooje & Kroket

Bread with Croquette (Broodje Kroket)


3 thoughts on “a stroll along the long beach of Texel (near De Cocksdorp)

  1. Hi janetching,
    Happy holidays to you!
    Beautiful pictures of your walk on the beach.
    The “Broodje Kroket” looks very interesting. I’d never heard of it before, so I googled it. I wonder if the Dutch got the croquette idea from their colonial power days in Asia, or if they brought the concept from Europe with them to the Far East? My sister-in-law lived in the Hague for a couple of years and she talked about finding a lot of Indonesian foods.

  2. Hi! Love your photos of the beach especially of the two dogs as I used to have a dog similar to the white one and it reminds me of her (it’s a West Highland Terrier). Your food always looks so nice and professional-can’t wait to try out some of your recipes!

  3. Hi Tracey, thanks for nice comment, it really makes my day! Hope you like my recipes!Let me know how it goes! Happy Birthday too! I went to your blog but still could not add a comment there.

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