thank you to all the readers & my top posts 2008

Having started blogging since mid 2008, that had been just a bit more than half a year. I have enjoyed this new hobby very much. Blogging has triggered me to cook more new dishes (not only chinese dishes) and has driven me to develop another new interest in photography. A nice photo speaks more than words…..

It is a very nice feeling when people comes back and tell you that they have really tried your recipe and enjoy them so much.I would like to take this opportunity to thank you those readers who keep coming back and for those who take their time to leave a comment in my blog. It was fabulous to make friends to other fellow food bloggers from all over the world in the blogosphere.

Without further ado, I would like to share my Top 10 posts in 2008 :

  1. best way to preserve garden herbs: freezing method in ice cubes
  2. chinese steamed fish recipe: easy to follow, step-by step
  3. my best pumpkin soup ever
  4. italian amaretti cookies recipe
  5. more cookies on snowy days
  6. perhaps the easiest way to make guotie or potstickers
  7. quick and easy japanese sashimi rice bowl (kaisendon, 海鮮丼)
  8. a perfect steak & mooncake on mid-autumn festival
  9. cantonese stir-fried beef rice noodle, 乾炒牛河
  10. easy miso ramen


Frozen Garden Basil in ice cube trays

Steamed pangasius fish fillets with homemade sauce from mom (similar to black bean sauce)
Pumpkin Soup (Jana's recipe) 
Italian Amaretti 01
Chewy Chocolate Cookies at 150 degree celcius for 15 mins

Opened-mouth Potstickers 



perfect steak at medium cooked


white lotus seed double yolk mooncake

Guangdong dry fried beef and rice noodle


Look forward to your continuous support and comments in 2009!

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