chinese potato pancake with a swiss touch

BloggerAid Cookbook

When I came across to Ben’s avocado corn muffins of What’s Cooking? It has triggered me to click the links in his post to find out more about a cookbook campaign initiated by a social network called BloggerAid. This meaningful food event is founded by three food bloggers: Ivy of Kopiaste.. to Greek Hospitality, Giz of Equal Opportunity Kitchen and Val of More than Burnt Toast. And without hesitation, I joined this Social Network immediately.

Currently this campaign is the biggest fundraiser of BloggerAid and the most ambitious project to date. This cookbook is scheduled to be sold in amazon.com by end of 2009 and the funds raised from the book will be directed to The World Food Program, a UN agency.  There is a great deal of work involved in delivering this project and to make it a tremendous success, all of you are invited to contribute by submitting  a recipe that you haven’t published on your blog (or anywhere else) you can send it to BloggerAid to be included in the book. To learn more about this project and how you can help, please visit the official annoucement on the BloggerAid social network.

Regarding to my submission, the first thing that crossed into my mind when think of world famine are those kids who are suffering from hunger but we are so fortunate to enjoy all kinds of food everyday, thinking of what to cook each day and which restaurant we want to try. A lot of time we have forgotten those who are still finding ways to solve the fundamental issue of filling up their stomachs, they won’t even have time or dare to think of if the food they take have to be delicious. 

Therefore I was thinking along the line to come up with something that is simple, nutritious, easily accessible, tasty and filling. It was not an easy decision as each person can only submit one recipe, so after long consideration here it is:


 Chinese Potato Pancake with a twist

Chinese Potato Pancake  

This is actually a dish my mom used to prepare for us from time to time when I was a kid, my brother and I loved it. In Hong Kong, my mom serves this with rice as one of the main dishes for dinner. This dish actually would be gone in minutes. I have altered my mom’s version with a Swiss touch, being now in Switzerland. Believe me, I ate this before I learnt about the Swiss Rösti or hash brown or the Kartoffelpuffer (German version of potato pancake) and this version uses comparatively much less oil to pan-fry, hence healthier. I am pretty sure you will give your thumb up too once you have tried!

Lastly, hope to see you joining us in BloggerAid, the submission deadline has been extened to 31 March, 2009 !


16 thoughts on “chinese potato pancake with a swiss touch

  1. That is great news and I am glad I have not decided in last minute and help increasing the noise of this meaningful project.

  2. Hi there, the recipe will only be available when the cookbook is published (with my recipe get accepted hopefully of course).

  3. Sounds terrific! So good to see another great foodista at BloggerAid. Can’t wait to buy the cookbook to check out your delicious-sounding recipe.

  4. Thanks, I seem to have problem to leave a comment on your blog, those verify characters are not showing up, your world culinary is such an adventure and wonderful experience.

  5. I love these recipes that cross generations and share cultural identities. A wonderful addition to an international cookbook that raises money for a great cause.

    Enjoy your vacation – I’ll be in Miami – I’ll wave at you :).

  6. Janet,
    I dont see the recipe for this Chinese Potato Pancake only the picture!?? I am able to see the Mapo Bean Curd recipe and pictures of it.

    Perhaps if you can trouble shoot the problem that would be good, if not just send it by email pls. Thanks Rick


  7. Hi Rick, thank you for your interest this recipe is submitted to BloggerAid for a Charity Cookbook, that’s why you don’t see the recipe. The Cookbook is scheduled to be published in Nov/ Dec this year. Cheers, Janet

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