what is the equation: social networking vs blogging = friendship +/ business ???

Here are My Social Networking Milestones:

90’s: ICQ

late 90’s: MSN

2007: facebook

2008: blogspot, wordpress, flickr,

2009: twitter & now posterouswhat’s NEXT???

(notice their brand colors: blue is still most used, excuse me, I am a marketeer, can't help it)

TO follow or to Be followED!

Join my network!

Join my group!

Share link…

Set to Private or Public view!

Invite your friends…….


Woke up this morning, I have a sudden urge to bla about my feelings of my recent encounters with my laptop or internet.

When I am travelling, the first thing I do when I get up is to log onto my computer. When I am at home, even better, before brushing my teeth, I will check emails on my iPhone. I love this new phone (toy) so much, with wifi connection (because no additional charges), I can read my emails, checking my facebook account, Swissinfo and NYTimes headlines (all-in-one). OK, I don’t need to preach anymore about this perfect phone anymore.

Over the last years, I have been hooked to my laptop (no matter it’s about work or personal travels), I mean I love gadgets but I am aware that I have to be able to control myself and not be controlled by the computer. Sometimes I have to really stop myself and stay away from the internet computer for a while. Go to do some yoga by following the podcasts in itunes,  I cannot imagine what will happen to me if I don’t have my computer with me. The whole world would seem to stop instantly and I would feel so lost not to be reachable to the outside world. Remember when we could not live without our cellphone and now we cannot live without our cellphone and on top of that our laptop.

Remember years ago, we were so happy already to be able to chat on ICQ but it’s sometime getting disgusting when chatting with a complete stranger (you know what I mean!!!). Then we have MSN, staying close to our friends, sharing files using the share folder. Soon after we have Facebook, my ex-colleague has convinced me for months to join but at that time, I really had no time to fiddle around on the computer due to my work situation and the amount of travels I had, I just simply had no time sitting in front of computer exploring things for myself. I was hooked to my blackberry at that time being a corporate slave, trying to keep track with my emails to a minimum unread mails.

After I left my previous job, I went to self-learn myself baking bread and discovered what is blogging about. Shortly after I went to start up my own foodblog, joined blogspot for 2 weeks and immediately switched to WordPress, learnt some simple html and there I go joining the blogosphere. For the first month, I was exploring around to see how I can draw people to read my blog, joining food communities, reading other food bloggers, joining food events….

There is just so much to explore everyday, maybe too much, it’s endless…………..

From staying in touch with my friends to joining the social networkings and then blogging, my reflection about blogging is that it has lifted me to another horizon, it enables me to reach out further to the outside world. I have not expected to be able to meet new friends, nice friends through blogging, friends in Switzerland and across the globe.

In the past, I would think everything you need to find, you can search by googling or wiki-ing but it’s not enough as this is a proactive approach. Maybe I am a curious person, curious about all kinds of new things and would like to stay in the forefront with these new gadgnets, new books, new opportunities… there it comes twitter, it serves the purposes. You have other twitters start following you and you can decide to follow them back or not. One good thing about twitter I find is I only click to those links that prone to interest to me.  During the day, send a few tweets about what you are doing or deem interesting.

Last but not the least, I find posterous yesterday, I don’t know how to describe this, how to position this tool, a centralised platform for blogging, twittering and facebook? I need more time to explore more of how to benefit from all these tools………I am getting overwhelmed with these social networking tools, and in the end, will I be able to only select only one and maximum two? Which one will champion at the end of the day?

Okay, enough bla bla, I have to explore the alltop online magazine rack, come and check it out together: http://alltop.com/!!!!!!!!!

Feel free to share your views!


One thought on “what is the equation: social networking vs blogging = friendship +/ business ???

  1. My first touch with network is IRC (met my hubby via this) was in the 90s, then ICQ (don’t use it that much), prefer to use YAHOO! messenger, switch to MSN messenger later, then it was Friendster, Tagg, and some other similar thing. Once I’m done with my degree, I started my blog in 2007, then I started Facebook.

    Btw: I did managed to survive a week or two without internet or TV when our cable connection broke down. 🙂 It was quite nice actually because we find other ways to keep ourselves occupied instead being glued to our screen.

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