behind the scene with Steamy Kitchen in the TV studio


Do Not Enter

Last week I was in Tampa for a few days, I did not have too much time to plan ahead, spontaneously I thought let’s check if I could meet a food blogger from Tampa. I thought it would be an adventure to meet someone transatlantic like this. And so I searched in Foodbuzz and found Jaden of Steamy Kitchen. I thought nothing to lose, so I wrote an email to Jaden and a few days later, I got a reply from her that she would love to meet and I don’t need to worry if I am a total stranger. I was thrilled but at the same time wondering if I was a little insane to meet someone who does not know me. I also seeked advice from Jaden of where I should go in Orlando as we only had a day. And she suggested me to go to Downdown Disney which was really an awesome suggestion. We went there after visiting Universal Studio and although my feet were so tired, I had spent almost a good hour in the LEGO store, I felt like a kid again.

So what did I do with Jaden?  We met on last Thurs and Jaden had invited me to join her in the TV studio to watch her doing her live segment on CBS talking about chocolate and wine. I had so much fun watching behind the scene that I forgot to take a picture with her. Maybe I had too much berry wine and the wonderful artisan chocolates from William Dean that I had already blown away.

Do not step on Cables

Jaden talking about Chocolate & wine on CBS10

I was so great to learn Jaden’s blogging experience and how it has opened up for her to other opportunities and a new horizon in her career  —> to become so popular : )

Here I share with you some of the pictures I took that day and a picture of me with Simpsons in Universal Studio.

Outside the Studio: Main Entrance

Simpsons & me in Universal Studios

Apart from some virtual adventure rides in Universal Studio, this real life adventure with Jaden was the highlight of my trip in Florida! Thanks Jaden for letting me to join you and I wish you great success in your cookbook! Hope to meet you again F2F in the near future again!

BTW Jaden, I love Crab Shack, that place – where we had lunch so much that I took my husband there on our last day and then drove to William Dean Chocolate shop to get him some chocolate for Valentine’s Day, we both love his chocolates, simple irresistible !!! Without you, I would not have known this wonderful chocolate boutique!

Last but not the least, I look forward to meeting more food bloggers in the near future!

See you in Twitter!!!


6 thoughts on “behind the scene with Steamy Kitchen in the TV studio

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time even though it was short. 🙂 It’s sure nice to meet fellow blogger. Hope there is an opportunity to meet you soon. We are so near yet so far. 😉

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