what's for lunch today at borough market, london?

Borough Market Entrance nr to London Bridge Tube Station

Last Thursday I have spent a long lunch at London’s Borough market. It’s opened on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Saturday would be the best day to go but Thursday was the only day I could go. Nevertheless, I enjoyed very much that day, it was still busy, not overly crowded there.  

That day I was very lucky as there was no rain, not even a drop for all 5 days while we were there. Very unusual for British weather!

To get there, the easiest way is probably by tube (underground) and get off at London Bridge Station which you will see the Borough Market just in front of you.

This food market is kind of semi-covered, when you are inside, you can hear the trains rumbling above you.


Can you see the London bridge there?

Before I decided which stall I should visit, I quickly had a look around. Since it was lunch hours, there were long queues everywhere so I thought I could make use of this time for a brief investigation & take some pictures first.

Eventually, I have decided to have the Heavenly Halloumi Burger from The Veggie Table as my first course. This stall had the longest queue, so it must be good! And ? Even as a non-vegan like me, I had to put my thumb up, hahaha! It was so yummy, I chose the one without bun (so I could try more food from other stalls) but served on a cabbage leaf with some hummus and salsa on top! You can also buy them and cook them at home!

Veggie Table

Here comes my yummy veggie burger!

Here comes my yummy Veggie Burger!

Heavenly Halloumi Burger on a leaf

I think it’s very cute and enviromental friendly to serve on a cabbage leaf!

My second course was Stir Fried Hand Dived Scallops with bean sprouts and bacon served on the scallop shell from Shell Seekers, they were like the Japanese teppanyaki. The scallops tasted very fresh and went very well with bacon pieces.

Shell Seekers

Dived Scallops

Stir fried Fresh Dived Scallops with Bean Sprouts & Bacon

After the two courses, time for a little dessert, it was pretty hard to choose, there was this stall called Sweet Boulangerie & Patisserie which has two shops located in King’s Cross. That day they had these huge meringues, Lamingtons and Portuguese egg custard tarts, canelé and other cookies. The French guy was making a joke on me saying: “Oh Mademoiselle, the lovely meringues are for your stomach and not for your camera : ) “  I have then chosen a Lamington as I have not had one for a long long time and a few canelés to take back.

Super big Meringues & Portuguese Egg Custard Tarts


Lamington from Sweet Boulangerie & Patisserie

I took my Lamington to Monmouth Coffee Company which is just opposite round the corner, and enjoyed it there with a very nice cup of cappuccino. I like this coffee place, rustic and cozy! I am not aware that this coffee company was founded since 1978 in Covent Garden, they like sourcing interesting coffee from all over the world.

Cappuccino at MCC

I like this self service bread and jam idea!

I like this self-service Bread, Butter and Jam station, a big wooden table in the middle!

Monmouth Coffee Company

I like the London cab parking just outside the entrance, make it more British feel!

Apart from all kinds of chocolates you will find in the market, one hidden gem I found was the Turkish Delight counter, they have so many flavors and they are really fresh and yummy! I am not a big fan of Turkish delight myself because those I tried in the past had a perfume taste but I changed my mind after trying these ones. I had to buy some home before I left!

Turkish Delights


So that was my satisfying 4-courses lunch! Until next time and hopefully on a Saturday!

Want more? Please feel free to visit my full album of Borough Market in flickr.

Thanks to Venny from Sanctuary from the Mad World and Ann from Pig Pig’s Corner for their natvigation in their posts : )

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12 thoughts on “what's for lunch today at borough market, london?

  1. A fantastic tour in the market. You really surprised me with Turkish delight stands as I’m from Turkey. I understand what you mean with perfume scent in them. If they are not made in a high quality place, they don’t taste well. Otherwise they are definitely yummy and they can be good pairs with Turkish coffee or a cup of espresso.

  2. Looks like a great trip and lots of lovely food, still have not gotten around to going there, will have to rectify soon!

  3. Hi Anne, it’s really a foodie place. I wish I could buy and take the food back to Switzerland : )

  4. Glad you enjoyed the market! The veggie burger looks really delicious, I have to try it the next time! I didn’t enjoy the scallops as mine were overcooked =(

  5. I love Borough Market – I also love the breakfast table in Monmouth Coffee – just so cool. I also love Monmouth coffee…………

  6. Loved this report about the Borough Market! If I ever get to London again, I´ll definitely be making it one of my port of calls!

  7. Hi Janet,

    I went to Borough Market today at about 4pm but it was closed (should be closed officially at 5pm). I’ll go again tomorrow as one day tour in London is not enough.

  8. Hi Carman, today is Wednesday, Borough market is opened on Thurs, Fri and Sat!!! Hope you will have a great time tmr!

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