Zoo Zürich: Happy Feet and many more….

Happy Feet: King Penguins

After consecutive days of heavy rain/ wet snow, we finally had a reasonably sunny day in Basel. We have spent a few good hours in Zoo Zürich yesterday. In fact, we have arrived a little late as planned, it was 3pm when we purchased our tickets and amazingly, there was still a queue there. There is another part called Masola Rainforest which we did not have enough time to visit, so will save for the next visit.

Still young at heart like me, I was so excited once I passed the entrance and soon after saw the King penguins in open air. They were so close and adorable as if I could shake hands with them. We did not expect to have so much snow in Zürich that it felt like as if we were in Antarctica. I immediately took out my camera and started taking pictures, these penguins are so adorable that I could not move away for a long time before we could make the first real stop to the Exotarium, Aquarium & Terrarium. From November to February, if the temperature is below 10ºC, there will be a penguin parade on every Sunday at 13:30.

Zoo Zürich uses the natural protection concept which makes them stand out from the crowd, they have a lot of innovative and interesting educational programmes suitable for both adults and children. I would love to experience the exciting excursion with an overnight stay. Also what surprised me is that its website has a very sophisticated English version which makes me wanting to be one of their ambassardors to spread this place out. It’s absolutely foreigners-friendly. Also this place is opened 365 days!!!!! If you are a foreigner living in Switzerland, you know what I mean! Next time, we will get a yearly pass for the whole family, it’s more economical and there is so much to learn and explore and I would not mind at all to visit again and again and sacrifice some of my time shopping in Zurich’s Banhofstrasse and Hautpstrasse!Instead of writing about food related stuff today, I would like to share some of my Zoo visit photos with you:

1) King Penguins 



Can I lean on you ?


Singing: I did it My…………..Way!!!!! (From Happy Feet)


2) Humboldt’s Penguins:





3) Snow Leopards

Snow Leopard

4) Amur Tiger

Amur Tiger


5) Indian Lion

Indian Lion


6) Mongolian Wolf

Mongolian Wolf


For full album, please visit my Flickr.

15 thoughts on “Zoo Zürich: Happy Feet and many more….

  1. What a beautiful collection of animal pictures! I couldn’t tell you which one is best!!!!
    I love Emperors penguins (here they are more than kings ;D)
    I also love felines… gorgeous photos!

  2. Hi Janet, thanks for leaving a lovely message in my blog. For the native HK people, so far, I haven’t met more than two. So what a surprise to meet one now, esp a gorgeous one 🙂 :)… can bake and cook… and takes superb fotos!

  3. Thanks Gattina or shall I call you Cat? Really appreciate your compliment! I am really happy to find a fellow blogger from native HK, kind of feeling I am not alone. I have no idea what blogging is about when you started your blog.

  4. Hi Janet! I love zoos too! Your pictures are so amazing….it´s looks like the animals are so near! I watched March of the Penguins recently…and your pics kind of remind me of it. It´s a fascinating documentary to watch…I recommend it!

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