Solarbob – all year round toboggan/bobsleigh run in Langenbruck, Basel-Land


Hazel (Hazelaar in Dutch) flowering in early Spring in our garden!

Spring has come!!! It was lovely today, sunny and not too cold outside. Initially we planned to go skiing in Adelboden but we dropped this idea as it is rather tiring to go back and forth in just one day. Eventually we had a relaxing day, did some gardening work and then we went for a few bobsleigh runs in Langenbruck, Basel-Land (in the Jura region) and of course not to forget to take my new first DSLR Nikon D90 and try it out!

Solarbob is as it describes run in solar energy, I find it very amazing as it is 100% run on solar energy, very environomental friendly.

Highlights of the run:

  • Fun and speed – a kick for kids, adults, schools, groups and company outings alike.
  • Solarbob – the only toboggan run with a 540° roundabout in Europe!
  • Globally unique – Lift is obtained even with solar powered
  • About 1000 meters Toboggan pass in the middle of nature.
  • Lowest in Switzerland.
  • Available all year round in dry weather condition. 
  • Free speed measurement on the long straight (can go over 50km/h!!!)



Surprisingly, there is English instruction!



 Normally, you won’t see a long queue, must be the sunny day which gets people outside!



Wow, 52km/h!!!



OMG, it’s really fast: 46.5 km/h!!!



We even had free performance afterwards !!!



Additional notes:

There is another Bobsleigh run in Saas-Fee which is even longer, you will have to wear a safety belt for this one. Great for non skiers or even skiers who still have energy after skiing!

6 thoughts on “Solarbob – all year round toboggan/bobsleigh run in Langenbruck, Basel-Land

  1. That looks like a lot of fun and even better is that it´s so good for the environment! Love the photo of your hazel tree too!

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