where do I learn sushi & tamagoyaki making?

If I am still living in Hong Kong, I would never or even have a slightest thought of making sushi myself. Living in Basel, it’s another story, it has already improved a lot compare to >15 years ago. Now you can at least find a few sushi places, although the choice is still limited but better than nothing. If I want more varieties or more fansy/ contemporary Japanese restaurants, I will have to go to Zurich or Freiburg (Germany) which both take about an hour to get there.

My hubby had to work until late tonight, by the time he finished at 10pm, it would not be easy to find some nice food this late anymore. Yes only 10pm, this is Switzerland.  So in view of this, I offered myself to make some sushi tonight.

For rolls, I have made a few times but for sushi this is my second attempt. My Swiss friend was so surprised that I do not know how to make sushi. Who would need to learn when it is so easily accessible in HK?

Anyway, tonight, I was very happy with the results. Everything seemed to come together. I also made tamagoyaki for the first time. And guess where learnt these from? It was from YouTube !!! Therefore you will not see any recipes in this post, I just want to share my happiness and the satisfaction with you. I have also saved a lot instead of eating out. If we would have eaten in the restaurant, this would cost more than CHF 120 excluding drinks. Now it cost us just one-third of that, 2 plates of sushi combo  and sashimi and a cumcumber salad (not shown here).

Sushi combo

Sushi combo: salmon cucumber roll, tamago sushi, salmon, scallop & tuna sushi



Tamagoyaki: Japanese egg omelette


9 thoughts on “where do I learn sushi & tamagoyaki making?

  1. Wow! Look like a pro plate 🙂 I learned how to make sushi and rolls many years back. 🙂 Last night I check out how to make tamagoyaki and it really doesn’t look that difficult to do. Yours looks fantastic.

    The Cooking Ninja’s last blog post..Madras Masala Paste

  2. Your homemade sushi looks great as does the tamagoyaki. I have not tried making sushi with raw fish at home yet but I enjoy making tamagoyaki.

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