Hiking in Chamonix-Mont Blanc

Two of my friends from Hong Kong came to visit us and we spent a wonderful weekend in Chamonix- Mont Blanc. This is a place where I have wanted to visit for a long time after hearing the experience and looking Peter’s pictures. He had made those challenging glacier walks years ago. Of course my friends and I were not going to do anyway that challenging whatsoever. We went hiking for one day and then went up to Aiguille du Midi, 3842m the next day. The book said it is an easy walking but I did not find it easy at all. Luckily I was told that this series of guide books are written for experienced hikers.The walk we did was exciting and challenging enough to us, lifetime experience, I would say.  It was more than a normal hiking for us girls, we experienced snow walking with a steep slope on one side and a bit of rock climbing. Despite of all the challenges, I managed to finish the trail of course, the most rewarding part was that we had a family of Chamois following us on our last part of hiking.

The link below to see the route we made:

Hiking route in Chamonix Mont Blanc :

Planpraz – Col du Brevent – Brevent 2525m and back

And some photos to share our happy and exciting moments with you:


Peter is our guide of course


It was not that steep actually, we were just posing : )



This part is real, no kidding!


Aiguilles Rouges


Mont Blanc with clear blue sky !!!





Linda and Johnny: “We made it!”


Our picnic lunch, French bread with Alpine farmhouse cheese.





This Chamois kept following us on our way down!



Aren’t these baby chamois cute?


11 thoughts on “Hiking in Chamonix-Mont Blanc

  1. Chamonix is a very special place – I only wish I had discovered it when I was young enough to try the whole mountain thing….

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