Happy Swiss National Day

Laufen Hauptstrasse (High Street) 

First left flag is Basel-Landschaft (Basel-Suburb). the canton where I currently live; right flag is Basel-Stadt (Basel-City)

China celebrates National Day on 1st July;

US celebrates Independence Day on 4th July;

France celebrates Bastille Day on 14th July;

And here it comes, SWISS NATIONAL DAY celebrates on 1st August !!!

For most people, August 1st means bonfires and fireworks and barbecues in the garden or brunch on the farm.

I was in Laufen a few days ago, it’s one of the best preserved villages in Basel-Land. It was very atmospheric to see the flags hanging in the High Street. Surprising cars are still allowed in this little street. That day I had some great discoveries and the highlight was that I found a big kitchen gadget shop and have ordered a Romertopf Chicken Roaster.


Laufen High Street 





Tonight we had Chargrilled Swiss Simmentaler Entrecôte steak which we bought directly from a farmhouse in the Alsace region in France  as our pre-celebration. Simply grill three and half minutes on each side for medium done, so juicy and tender. It’s a very satisfying feeling to know where your meat comes from and that the animals are guaranteed not genetically modified and no hormones injection given.

Chargrilled Swiss Simmentaler Entrecote (Rib-Eye) 

To this end, I wish you all a Happy and Relaxing day !!!


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