Bustling Wanchai Open Food Market, Hong Kong (revisited)

IMG_0593The PAWN Restaurant, a British gastropub restored from a pawn shop, an old colonial building

Last year when I was back for a short stay in Hong Kong, I had a great afternoon with my cousin, Steve. We spent a few good hours in Wanchai Open Food Market (around Spring Garden Lane and  taking pictures. I showed him the popular shops that still exist, felt like an ambassador of Hong Kong. Steve has lived in Wanchai for some years but funny enough, he was not aware that there are numerous famous food stores and the famous tea restaurant Kam Fung which are just round the corner where he used to live. I was like Steve too when I was little, I did not like going to the food markets with my mom at all. The outdoor food markets are always crowded, wet and slippery floors making my shoes dirty and difficult to walk through and carrying the wet plastic bags were t very pleasant. Now because I am only visiting and not really shopping myself, it feels very different of course. My mom was saying the other day that I have become a tourist now when I return to Hong Kong. Also it’s because I have a growing interest in photography which makes it more fun.

It has been said that the Government wants to close down the open food market eventually one day so the pictures I have now would become history !!!! And as a matter of fact, a lot of old buildings have been torned down and rebuilt to high rise buildings! In the last few years, some old buildings are restored to become restaurant areas. The picture above is one example:  The PAWN  restaurant which is a British gastropub is restored from a Pawn shop in the past.

That day, local people found us rather strange as we were like tourists but they know we are not. Some people were very sensitive to be in the photos and asked if we were journalists.

Here are some highlights to share with you :

Johnston Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong











Lung Moon Restaurant (龍門大酒樓), Johnston Road, Wanchai

Revisited: Lung Moon Restaurant established since 1949 will close down its business in November 2009. I was fortunate to witness the last month while it is still there, can’t believe this picture I took will become history soon!!! This building was sold for HK$ 4.2 billion and will be torn down and redeveloped. As a matter of fact, Wanchai is undergoing redevelopment program that’s why I tried to visit this old district every time I returned to Hong Kong.

Source: Sun News, Sept 25, 2009

Shop selling spices

Spices shop in Wanchai

Above two pictures: Shop selling all kinds of spices keeping in small and big containers

Famous Kam Fung Cafe











Famous Kam Fung Cafe not to be missed

Ice Tea and Bor Law Yau (thick butter in pineapple bun)

Ice Tea & Bor Law Yau 菠蘿油 (thick butter in Pineapple Crust Bun)

Here the Ice tea is differernt to other local cafes (Cha Chaan Teng) in the way that it’s served chilled without ice cubes so the taste will not be diluted. Other popular items include the Baked egg tarts and chicken tarts.

Traditional roadside stall selling Fry/ Roast Chestnut with hot sand and roast Sweet Potatoes













Traditional roadside stall selling Fry/ Roast Chestnuts (炒栗子) with hot sand and roast Sweet Potatoes

A vegetable stall in Wanchai

So many types of green vegetables, this is what I really miss in Switzerland!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweets Stall

Sweets stall

Kang Kee Noodles Shop

Fresh and dried noodles shop

Various types of Fresh noodles

Various Fresh noodles

Different types of dried egg noodles

Different Dried Noodles

Hope you like the old district part of Wanchai of Hong Kong!


17 thoughts on “Bustling Wanchai Open Food Market, Hong Kong (revisited)

  1. i was in HK last summer and boy how crowded it was..but the food was fabulous..especially miss the mango desserts from this chain dessert store and the big & bouncy wontons 🙂

  2. Hi Adel, I know which one you mean but there is another one called Fat Kee which is even better, not a chain store which made it more unique. It’s located in Sum Cheng where you can go to eat the famous Roast goose first then come here for mango desserts and many other yummy ones like the pancakes : )

  3. Hi Helen, I cannot tell you how I wanted to bring some back here but they have to be consumed in 2-3 days max. So I could only buy the dried ones. I am thinking to buy some and cook in HK this time when I returned which I never did in HK in the past. I guess will be more than happy if I am willing to do the cooking.

  4. The photos bring back a lot of memories. I used to live in Wanchai (Amoy Street) before I came to US. I used to go to Lung Moon with my father and it looks the same today as years ago. I went back to HK last Christmas with my family and really miss it. Can’t wait to go back!!

  5. I used to live on Spring Garden lane until recently and never realised the restaurant listed above was such a hit, as i find on blogs, although i always found it somewhat full at all times..anyways, pleasant surprise seeing it unexpectedly here.

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