Zesty Lemon Limoncello Yogurt Cake

Having done a few hours gardening today, it was like working out. After resting, all of a sudden I wanted to bake a cake but after baking two chocolate cakes in a row, we need to have a break from chocolate. Peter and Bas both adore lemon cake and I had two lemons and limoncello at home, I thought I would make a cake without needing to shop for more ingredients. I searched online and found that the French likes baking yogurt cake as a base to make other different variations of cakes. What a fantastic idea! I found a few lemon cakes which has a lemon syrup pouring on the top, I was really amazed and know I gotta try out. Would the cake not be soaking wet after pouring juice of two lemons? In the end I have saved a quarter of the lemon syrup for other use and it came out just right, moist but not dripping nor feeling wet. I felt my lemons were rather juicy so I adjusted with my gut feeling. The cake stayed fresh the next day and we had a piece each for breakfast this morning.

For recipe: http://gourmettraveller88.com/2009/09/13/zesty-lemon-limoncello-cake/


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