Funny shaped Japanese Watermelons

Japanese Watermelon 01

Human face Japanese Watermelon, approx. costs USD1282 !

So after 3 weeks or so in Hong Kong, I am now back to Switzerland. I had a temperature shock from over 30ºC to a drop to daytime temperature of 9-10ºC. I was told that there was no obvious signs of autumn in Basel this year and normally we could go mushroom hunting during this period, it is not possible this year due to not enough moisture.

As usual, every time I go back to HK, I would have a checklist of food I miss and at the same time I would love to catch up the current eating trends there. Eating in HK is somewhat like fashion, there are always new hot spots to explore. Upon arrival, I immediately bought the latest issue of local food magazine to catch up the lastest information to eat like a local again.

In my coming posts I hope to share with you some highlights of my food journey there and some interesting food related pictures with you. For a start, here are some interesting Japanese watermelon pictures for you, watermelon does NOT always need to be round in shape !!! They were sold here during the Mid-Autumn Festival period.

Super big Japanese Watermelon

Super big 70kg Japanese watermelon

Japanese Watermelon 02


Japanese watermelon 03

Pyramid shaped Japanese watermelon

Japanese watermelon 06

Square shaped watermelon was actually the first creation among the funny watermelon series some years ago already!


Japanese watermelon 04

Heart shaped Japanese watermelon


I guess these heart shaped watermelon will be popular in the coming Valentine’s Day? I personally think these melons are more fun to look at than to eat, for one they are outrageously expensive and another reason is that they are genetically modified!


17 thoughts on “Funny shaped Japanese Watermelons

  1. I would pay $46.59 for the heart shape on a special occasion. It’s very cute! Although $119 is a bit steep for a cute face lol. Remember when you look at these they are priced in Yen. 🙂

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