Thai Dessert: Mango with Black & White Glutinous Rice

I have seen these Thai yellow mangoes available in the supermarkets and the Asian grocery store here. They are the best the mangoes in the world. The green redish ones are more easily accessible here but they are not as good. The yellow ones cost a few times more than in Hong Kong, so I did not buy any until a few days ago that I would go and buy one. It costs almost CHF 7 for a piece! So instead of just eating it like a fruit, I decided to make something out of it, to give myself a good feeling that I have well spent our money, what a rationale, you may think but that’s me, hahaha!

Anyway, having coconut milk and both black and white glutinous rice available at home, I came up the idea to make this popular Thai dessert: mango with glutinous (sticky) rice.

This is a filling dessert, 2 portions are enough to share among 4-6 persons.


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