Thai dessert: mango with black & white glutinous (sticky) rice

 mango and glutinous rice dessert

I have seen these Thai yellow mangoes available in the supermarkets and the Asian grocery store here. They are the best the mangoes in the world. The green redish ones are more easily accessible here but they are not as good. The yellow ones cost a few times more than in Hong Kong, so I did not buy any until a few days ago that I would go and buy one. It costs almost CHF 7 for a piece! So instead of just eating it like a fruit, I decided to make something out of it, to give myself a good feeling that I have well spent our money, what a rationale, you may think but that’s me, hahaha!

Anyway, having coconut milk and both black and white glutinous rice available at home, I came up the idea to make this popular Thai dessert: mango with glutinous (sticky) rice.

This is a filling dessert, 2 portions are enough to share among 4-6 persons.


  • 1 cup white glutinous rice (washed and drained a few times, soaked overnight in water)
  • 1 cup black glutinous rice (washed and drained a few times, soaked overnight in water)
  • 1 small can coconut milk
  • 1-2 Thai yellow mangoes
  • 2.5 tbsp Confectioner’s sugar or powdered sugar
  • pinch of fine salt

Utensils required:

  • Bamboo steamer or other steamer alike
  • Cheese cloth (I bought large sterile cotton cloth in the Baby Section in the Supermarket, works perfectly for me)
  • Wok or big deep pan
  • 2 stainless steel cooking ring molds: 2 inches (H) x 3 inches (W)


  1. Prepare the glutinous rice a day in advance as indicated above.
  2. Steam the black and white glutinous rice separately as the black ones will make the water darkened and color the white rice. If you have 2 layers of bamboo steamers, you can lie the white one on top of the black one to make a double deck steamer. Lay the cheesecloth on the steamer rack and then spread the rice on it. Steam for about 25-30 minutes at high heat. Check from time to time if there is enough water in the wok or pan, as the water dries out more quickly when using a bamboo steamer, replenish hot water where necessary.
  3. Open the can of coconut milk, scoop out the top creamy part of the coconut milk onto a separate bowl, set aside for use as topping later. (For some reasons, the one I bought, most of it is already very thick coconut milk, in this case, you don’t need the separation and just take out 2 tbsp and reserve for later use for the topping or garnish).
  4. In a saucepan, warm the coconut milk, add the powdered sugar inand stir until the sugar is completely dissolved.
  5. When the glutinous rice are softened and cooked (sample a little in your mouth to make sure they are chewable and cooked), scoop them into 2 separate big bowls. Pour a little sweetened coconut milk onto the white glutinous rice, add the milk gradually and stop when it’s just enough as you do not want to make it soaking wet. Leave for 15-20 mins so to let the milk soaked it properly.
  6. Repeat step 5 for the black glutinous rice, but black ones are much less sticky therefore add a tiny little bit is enough, just enough to bind them together.
  7. Peel the mangoes, cut them into pieces and briefly chopped them to make them into small pieces.
  8. On a white serving plate, place the cooking mold in the middle, spoon a layer of the black glutinous rice as the bottom layer, follow by a layer of chopped mango, then a layer of white glutinous rice and a final top layer of mango again. Repeat for the other plate.
  9. Done! Garnish with some coconut cream around the ring molds or anyway you prefer. Remove the ring molds gently and serve immediately.


  • Since glutinous rice is quite filling, remember to save room for this dessert and share with your family or friends.
  • You can indeed choose to serve in a traditional way with the mango next to or on top of the rice. I thought using the ring molds make the presentation more contemporary.

13 thoughts on “Thai dessert: mango with black & white glutinous (sticky) rice

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