My way of Birchermuesli

I know how popular Birchermüesli is in Switzerland but it never looks appealing to me, I see them serving in the hotel breakfasts all the time but I never dare to try. The reason is mainly because I did not like its soaky appearance.

Then all of a sudden, yesterday when I looked into my kitchen and saw the rolled oats that had not been consumed for some time, I was wondering how else I could eat that for breakfast apart from just plainly boil it with water. Although a bit tasteless, my mom eats this every day for breakfast with 2 tbsp of ground flaxseeds add to it to stay fit. The roll oats need longer cooking time than the quick cooking oatmeal so most of the time I do not have patience to cook this myself and therefore explains why the roll oats are untouched for some time and I have not been baking much recently. Impulsively, I went to search around of how Birchermüesli is prepared. There are different ways of preparing but I do not like to use condensed milk as in the original recipe of Bircher-Benner  and I do not like some recipes using too much juices so I have adapted to my own taste. I am very happy with the results and with the fabulous kitchen gadgnet-Bamix Swissline that my hubby got me recently, I am now even more motivated to prepare food that requires grating, slicing, processing or grinding. It really saves me a lot of time from standing in the kitchen.

For recipe, please click for my full post:

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