An afternoon @Vitra Design Museum, Germany

Yesterday was Swiss National Day, every thing was closed in Switzerland. So I thought of visiting somewhere across the French or German border. I was thinking of going to an open-air farm museum in Alsace but it was too hot to stay outdoor for too long so I changed my mind after got into the car and went to Vitra Design Museum in Germany. I had wanted to go for a long time but was always not sure if worth visiting.

And surprise surprise!!! Marc and I had a lovely afternoon there, both of us were not bored at all. I was pleased that Marc liked it so much that I actually had problem to make him go back to his own stroller after experienced all the designers chairs! I actually went back to the first floor again after seeing the exhibition.

Vitra Design Museum itself only shows temporary exhibition, it is not a big place that you need to spend a lot of time there. A lot of people come here for the guided architectural tour.  Others who come from the neighbourhood may come for a light lunch or afternoon tea at the VitraHaus Café or sitting outside on the curvy woody benches. The VitraHaus which carries the Vitra Home Collection, itself has entertained Marc and me for hours. You are free to sit, lie, pose and touch on most of the furniture there. It does not give you a feeling as if you are visiting a furniture shop at all but it does make you feel very comfortable like home. The large windows which outlook to the vineyards is breathtaking especially with gorgeous weather like yesterday.

I regretted that I only had my iphone but not a normal camera with me due to my last minute change. Luckily it’s only 20 mins drive from home and I am already thinking of going back to take more pictures for Marc. On arrival the VitraHaus, at the reception, the friendly hostess will give you a personal VitraHaus keycard of which you can access information about the products and designers in the digital catalogue, you can save your favorite items as a wishlist and then send it to your own email address on departure. This keycard gives me a high-tech and stylish museum experience.

I thought this place is highly recommended for everyone even if you have a small baby like me. Nobody will give you dirty looks when you think you may be doing too odd things with your kids or if your kids scream.

Here are some selected photos to share with you:

These new chairs will be available to order in the coming months.

Please don’t feed the elephants, thank you!

Rock, rock, rock!

Need a 15 minutes power nap?

Marc: I want to go higher up there!

Marc made a self portrait and saved in the keycard.

Until next time……..


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