Dinner @Enoteca, Eden Amsterdam Manor Hotel

Vitello Tonnato @Enoteca


Lobby @Eden Amsterdam Manor Hotel

Happy New Year to you all!!! It’s been quite some time since I blogged about iEat-Out mainly because having a small kid, you really have to sacrifice a lot of private time, rather hard to have an evening out. Anyway, hubby knows I like eating out and during our Christmas break in Holland, he has arranged to drive an hour out to meet Aunt Thea for dinner. Oma & Opa were kind enough to babysit Marc for us.

When Thea asked what did I fancy that night, I simply said no Asian cuisines and she proposed a few places and I picked Enoteca which is located in Eden Amsterdam Manor Hotel. The reason why I chose this place was because of the idea of this hotel which used to be a hospital, was recently being restored and converted to a hotel (just opened a few months ago in Jun 2010). This information is not mentioned in its website and thanks to Aunt Thea who knows everything in AMS.

The restaurant itself has its own entrance but we went through the hotel unintentionally but that surely gave a great start of the evening by appreciating the interior of this hotel is very nice, it’s modern and looks like a hip hotel.

Taken on our way to Amsterdam

Overall, it was a ‘gezellig’ evening indeed, with nice company and nice food. It has been raining for many days already that week and we were very lucky that we had sunny and dry weather the whole day. With good experience and nice photos, I immediately thought of blogging it but I did not manage until now, simply too many distractions. This blogpost may not be happened if I have not received a tweet reply from Enoteca and the hotel. I was very surprised that they keep such close eyes on social media. So I decided to keep my iPad aside and picked up my computer and starting blogging again after more than 2 months silence.

So for antipasti the four of us had vitello tonnato, linguine with mushrooms, game paté and seared scallop wrapped with parma ham. The vitello tonnato is definitely their signature dish, it was the first time I saw the veal looked rosé!!!! This is probably the best presentation I have seen. Thea ordered this, I only sampled a little, if I get a chance to revisit, I will definitely order this next time. Later I found that they have shared their recipe in their own magazine. They have put the veal in a herbed brine bath for 48 hours. I am going to try one day and let you know how it goes. The linguine was nicely cooked, pipping hot and al dente, portion was good too. The scallops which I ordered tasted good but the portion was rather small.

They have a pretty good selection of wine. I had a red prosecco to start with and then a glass of chianti, both were very good. And by the way, they have a wine bar just next to the dining area and that’s where Enoteca means wine bar in Italian. There is a wine tasting machine which sits with the bartender, not sure if they allow self-service. The first time I came across this kind of wine stations was in Chianti, Tuscany, you purchase a prepaid card and then you can select the wine you would like to sample. Very cool! They have olive oil tasting too in the same fashion.

Wild goose

For main course, I had wild goose filet (Saltimbocca d’oca) with stir-fried spinach and sage pancake. The waitress did not ask me how well done I would like the goose to be done but the meat came out perfectly cooked, succulent! I can eat roast goose easily in Hong Kong but was curious when I saw they have wild ones. Geese is more difficult to find in general compared to ducks and not to mention the wild ones. A minor criticism is that the spinach was a bit too salty. The rest of them all ordered the deer, personally I find it not as nice as the goose but that just me. The deer filet tasted good, but the risotto…., sorry to say but hubby agreed that my risotto is better, and one plate the poached pear is not cooked long enough.

Bread Pudding, Italian way

As for desserts, the tiramisu tasted very creamy, it was a bit runny to my taste but they served in individual glass bowl so I supposed it’s ok. My perfect tiramisu is not to use gelatin but can still stand well for some time when serve. The bread pudding was made with pannettone served with homemade chocolate ice cream, that was not bad. Their homemade vanilla ice cream was a bit too sweet.

Oops, don’t get me wrong, the dinner was overall very good. They were all minor criticisms, because Enoceta left me a comment saying that they welcome criticisms so I dare to give some honest feedback. My last comment though was that the lighting in the dining area could be dimmer over dinner time to give more warm and cozy ambiance. Meanwhile because of sufficient lighting, I was able to take good pictures even with my iPhone, LOL!

@Enoteca, hope you find my comments constructive! I hope to visit your restaurant again !!!

For full set of photos, please visit my album in Flickr.


2 thoughts on “Dinner @Enoteca, Eden Amsterdam Manor Hotel

  1. Happy 2012 to you & your lovely family!!

    Thanks for this great review, a very constructive review too! I have read about this hotel & restaurant too, a while ago.

    The food overall looks good & tempting especialy the wild goose! I love goose too!

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