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Basel Bagels' Elouisa (Scamorza affumicata & avocado) sandwich



Thanks to Cara for introducing Scamorza to me, it’s similar to mozzarella but firmer and the one I got here is smoked, known as scamorza affumicata. Cara and her friend came up a bagel sandwich which consists of smoked scamorza, avocado, rucola and ranch dressing or tzatziki. A few weeks ago I was lucky to get to try this sandwich for lunch when I did some photo-shooting for her bagels. It was a new combination to me, I like trying new flavors to expand my palate and I like it a lot and I immediately went to search for smoked Scamorza thereafter. The best was that I was able to enjoy it with fresh bagel just came out from the oven, that was really the best bagel I ever had.

I made tonight at home with wheat sandwich toast, still tasted great but next time I should plan better and order some fresh bagels on Bagel Day from Basel Bagels.
This sandwich is called Elouisa sandwich you can order as packed lunch but with fresh bagel of course.

Ingredients for sandwich fillings:

  • Scamorza affumicata
  • Avocado, mashed, seasoned with pinch of sea salt & ground pepper
  • Rucola
  • Ranch dressing or tzatziki

That day I got two whole grain bagels from Cara, the following day I made a bagel sandwich with best quality surimi (there is a very good one from Manor), rucola and avocado as my pack lunch before my German class. And by chance I could get a free grande cappuccino from Starbucks : ). It looked like I almost got a free lunch, ha ha!




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