Recent short visits to Lake Como & Lake Garda, Italy

In early September, I was lucky to spend a long weekend in Lake Como; and last weekend I was fortunate again to spend another weekend in Limone sul Garda at Lake Garda. It was just coincident that we could visit briefly these 2 Italian lakes within a short interval.

I would like to share a few of my favorite photos.

The reason why we would visit Lake Como was because I was offered a weekend to stay at my friend’s place as my birthday present, how cool was that!!!


Lake Como







 This is a BMW, seen in Bellagio.

We took a boat trip across the lake our car to Bellagio, blessed that day was sunny and very warm as the day before was rather chilly and windy.


Lake Garda

Here we stayed at Park Imperial Hotel in Limone sul Garda. I like this little village very much as the village centre is easily accessible on foot. Limone is hilly but it is still possible to get around with my son and his stroller.


Bitter orange trees can be seen here and there

Two love birds at the beach


I had a short hike along the lake.

You can see these are oranges and not lime from this photo.


Olives ripening turning black.


All kinds of dried fruits

So amazed that Marc had been able to walk so much uphill.

The most exciting part of the whole trip was making a car tour from Limone to Tremosine. Leaving from Limone, we drove on the roads that have been the scene of the James Bond 007 movie- Quantum of Solace. We parked the car in a pretty village called Pieve di Tremosine, a place not to be missed is the “Terrace of the thrill”, it is 350m overhanging the lake with breathtaking views.






2 thoughts on “Recent short visits to Lake Como & Lake Garda, Italy

  1. Thanks for sharing your travels with us! I just came back from Berlin & posted travelling Sophie: part 1! Check it out! 🙂

    It looks that you had a lovely Italian scenery to look at, walk in & enjoy! 🙂

    Just so beautiful too!

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