Low Carb

Spring weight loss efforts

Reinach Apr 2013_01.jpg

Taken during a stroll on Sunday afternoon in Reinach, Basel Land

Summer is approaching and it’s time again to attempt to slim down a bit. I am jotting down these efforts that I am hoping to stick to it. Tried 2 weeks, bloody hard!!! I thought of having a break in the weekend and it makes it harder to get back on track

So here are my short listed 10 commandments:

1. No Carb in the evening meals
2. Drink 8 glasses of tea/ water a day
3. No evening snacks
4. No sweets (sugar, chocolate, desserts)
5. More vegetable and fruits. Try to eat more salads
6. Eat less meat, particularly red meat but more fish
7. Once a week, eat Familie Granola Museli with honey greek style yogurt for dinner, can add some berries
8. Once a week, go jogging or swimming once and one time Zumba Fitness
9. Every day following the iphone Ab Workout Ab to do crunches. (This is the most challenging!!!)
10. Go to bed earlier.

How about you? Any good tips, feel free to drop me a note and share your experience.





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