Juicing for beginners


So last night, I have updated the About Me which reflects more of my recents.

We all have a busy life these days and most of us cannot afford the time to write to lengthy.

My objective is to aim to keep the ball rolling again, to post more frequently and keep the post short.

How I started to go greener? Thanks to my dear friend Carmen who shared with me her experience just over a year ago. She introduced juicing and green smoothie to me. Haven’t met her for months and she looks radiant and in great shape. I was immediately drawn in to give a go.

I went to order the Hurom Slow juicer and have been juicing for 2 months. I do feel more energized after a few days of juicing. I was able to go jogging at least 3x per week in July, I got up as early as 6:30am to go running, also because it was too hot to go after 8am for those really hot summer days.

Instead of following the recipes around, I mostly use whatever I have at home, a bit of trial and error some times. For example, one time I used the radish, it tasted so sharp that I had to throw the whole thing away. We live and learn every day.

Take home message:

“A good general rule of juicing is using the ratio of 60/40 of vegetable to fruits for a beginner.” You don’t want the juice to be too sugary from using too much fruits but the fruits make the juice more tasty and easy to drink.

Happy juicing !


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