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Cooking light after a short break in France & Holland

Paris tour effiel

Came back from a splendid week in Paris and Holland, 4 days in Paris with my old buddies. It was a foodie trip, so forget about the green smoothies and juicing for a while. Meanwhile I had a few limes with me and I have packed the superfood with me using Marc’s baby milk powder dispenser. During the 4 days in Paris, I prepared a jar of infused lime water and added in 2 teaspoons of green powder into it. It worked very well, not to heavy but I would be able to keep myself somewhat hydrated. I resumed my green smoothie routine when I arrived Holland, I packed a handheld blender with me, not super ideal but I managed.

Viet caramelized onion sauce with salmon

So after the short break, came home and time to eat light again. I made a very nice Vietnamese caramelized onion sauce to go with my panfried salmon. I served on a large bed of sautéed savoy cabbage and carrots and sautéed chanterelles, then topped with some rice in the middle and then salmon on top. The idea was to eat less rice but more vegetables. I sautéed with coconut nut oil for the cabbage at medium high heat and then lower it to medium heat. The chanterelles I sautéed with a bit of butter and olive oil. A very satisfying meal. Marc loves the caramelizing sauce, I found the recipe in my Bill Granger cookbook and adapted a little by caramelizing the shallots and red onions first before adding the fish sauce and soy sauce.


I had chanterelle mushrooms in Paris to go with spinach and fowl for dinner at a neobistro and fell in love with chanterelles. I didn’t really like it in the past due to the earthy taste i cooked once. But I tried again this time, and the earthy taste didn’t exist anymore, the critical ingredient that one must not forget is drizzle a bit of cooking wine when the mushrooms are beginning to evaporate the excess liquid. I used Japanese cooking sake instead of white wine which also did the magic.

pappardelle with chanterelles .jpg

So to finish the remaining chanterelles I bought yesterday, I decided to make a pasta. I haven’t had pasta for a while, I do miss it but at the same time don’t wanna to feel stuffed with the carb, so I prepared some zucchini spaghetti using a julienne peeler. And using Provamel Soya Cuisine and homemade sundried tomato pesto, I made the creamy chanterelle sauce, when the sauce was ready I tossed in the pappardelle, followed by the zucchini spaghetti so they become warm but still raw.





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