My ganache glazed chocolate cake, lesson learnt

This winter has been crazy, many countries are affected by the climate change.

Hong Kong has as low as 6ºC. Some days as cold as here in Basel.

Sochi has warm temperature up to 16ºC making the snow condition very slushy for Olympic Winter games …..

Snow condition in Switzerland also not great this Winter so far.

Yesterday the weather was horrible, stormy and rainy the whole day. Nothing else better than staying at home and do some baking.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day, not a big thing here in Switzerland, it is not a day that we always celebrate. I am happy already if hubby is not on business trip.

Anyway I was in a mood to bake a chocolate cake, after browsing and browsing, I finally settled on this Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt Cake by Two Peas and their Pod. Sounds easy enough for me. It says foolproof, so let see!

When I made the cake batter, somehow it looked a little too thin to me so I added 2 extra tablespoon flour just to play safe.

I don’t have a bundt cake mold but I do have a kugelhopf mold so I used that instead.

I have used half dutch-processed cocoa powder and half raw chocolate powder.

The cake has risen nicely and easily removed from the mold.

But the tricky part came, it’s the ganache. I thought this should be easy, okay let me rephrase, making the ganache was easy, it was the glazing step which I found challenging.

Should I just pour over?

Am I supposed to spread and smooth it out with a spatula?

I have run out of wax or baking paper to lie the cake on top while glazing so I put the cake on the wire rack with a tray underneath it to collect the dripping ganache.

The ganache kept dripping on the tray.

Leave it and clean it later. It’s supposed to be like that.

Hmm, the spatula seemed not good enough for smoothing out due to the shape of the bundt mould. So I used my finger instead.

I learnt from some makeup artists that fingers are sometimes even better than those makeup brushes when applying eye shadow, so same can apply here, right? I was not sure if this was appropriate but I just kept on. It gave a personal touch to the cake!!! Told my friend about what I did and she said, ‘Oh, that’s an intimate ganache glazed chocolate cake!’

Oh dear, the pattern of the kugelhopf seems disappearing, quick, stop fiddling. So much ganache dripping on the tray, don’t waste it.

I lifted the rack and licked off the dripping with my finger.

I felt sick already after eating all those dripped ganache!

Now be patient and let the cake alone to set peacefully! Stop touching!

I then went to google to search for some ganache bundt cake images and look like I should just freely drizzle the ganache on top and let it run irregularly.

Now hope hubby’s flight is not affected by the snow in NYC!

Next day, i.e. Today

The glaze is set but it doesn’t look glossy enough though.

Went back to the recipe, oh no it did say drizzle!!! My fault, sometimes I don’t like to follow the recipe fully. I thought I could spread over the whole cake.  I only used full cream and Cailler Cuisine Noir 64% dark chocolate for the ganache and I forgot to bring the cream to boil and just melted the chocolate and mixed it with the cream on top of a hot water bath. Some say butter is not necessary to make the ganache glossy, so I left it out.

Oh well, we live and learn!

Peter came home safely from NYC. I was in the gym.

Whatapped him.

Do you see the cake?


Does the cake look ok?

Yeah. V chocolatty seems like.

It looks like a sculpture to me. The ganache is not glossy enough.

I am sure it is still very tasty.

When I got home, I couldn’t wait until after dinner to try a piece, so we shared a piece, it was delicious, soft, moist and you can see the cake crumble texture.

A little imperfect is ok, don’t be so hard on myself as P always reminds me.

Will whip some cream and open a bottle of dessert wine to go with the cake tonight.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!






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