Thank God, I didn’t break my knee from skiing!


I can’t do most sports in a sliding manner namely skating, ice-skating, roller blades. Too scared to fall down, skiing is exception! I said to myself that’s something I would like to be able to do since I am now living in Switzerland.

Since I was pregnant and with Marc being a toddler, it’s not easy to go skiing with him these few years.

Moreover, the snow condition this winter is particular bad, so we didn’t go skiing until this weekend. The weather forecast looks good, however, we didn’t get nice weather yesterday.

I have heard several serious ski accidents lately, from known and unknown people I know. And on top,  after a conversation with my neighbour, it kind of made me keep thinking something is going to happen to me.

I was so looking forward to our first day of skiing this winter in Arosa.

1:30pm Fri 21 Feb

Arrived the peak, Weisshorn at 2639m with the gondola.

Very foggy and bad visibilty. (Rather disappointing.)

Put on our skis and goggles, stay focus!

We could only see the next 2 red poles.

Made a short descend on the red piste, I actually feel pretty good, even thought the recent fitness training I had recently had benefited me. Legs seemed feeling less quickly tired.

Then turn right, there was a group of 4 ski class (ski instructor + a girl + a man and a woman). I thought it would be good to follow them as the ski instructor knows his way and makes it easier to follow seems like.

However, turned out the woman was not so good. I tried to go slow and then I made a turned and unconsciously I was scared that I would bump into her probably, and I fell, the end of right ski was a bit stuck in the snow and bang I could feel a kind of crack in my knee. Damn, it’s really happening, I have a ski accident. Been thinking and worrying too much!

P came

Ooooe, that hurts? I can tell the way how you fell?

Not good! My right knee is hurting, I don’t think I can make it down. I think I need help.

Bloody hell, we have just started for a short while and it’s the first day.

P touched around my knee, I didn’t feel pain superficially.

You are alright, just overstretched your knee. Just take it slowly with big V.

Followed instructions, seems ok, but 3rd turn, I fell and I felt the crack again.

I don’t think I can make it down.

Yes you can.

No choice, he is the boss on the slope. Skiing and hiking are situations where he pushes my limit.

It’s snowing.

Bite my lips, slowly got up, get the grip and tried making the turns wide and slow but fell for a 3rd time.

Didn’t say much, I tried to concentrate, tried not to lean back as it would hurt and then fall when I lean back. Eventually, finally made my way down to Brüggerstuba @just over 2000m.

I made it !!! That was a 600m descend. I thought I won’t be able to make it and need to be taken down by the rescue team.

So we had a late lunch and take a break at the same time. I could choose to take the gondola down but then we have to walk back up to our hotel with our skis. Or we can ski down the last 200m descend, a blue piste which can get us directly to our hotel.

You think I can do it?
Cos, you can.

How long would it take?
About 15 mins.

In the end, I chose skiing down.

I came down in one piece !!!!! Yay!!!

Have you worried that I can’t make it all the way down?

Not a moment!

You have so much faith on me?

I have seen so many situations and knowing what people can do and cannot do. Don’t be such a pussy!

I think I can’t ski tomorrow.

You are worrying again too much and making assumptions too soon!!!

I wish I had not let that group of 4 go first.

Don’t think of what you could have done, only will make you unhappy. Think positively that we are not coming for a whole week.

That’s me! A worrier!

So we got back. Marc was still playing happily with the babysitter.

Still snowing outside.

We went to the pool with Marc, he didn’t want to leave once he got into the water, getting braver each time.

I went to the sauna and to chill out a bit.

Shall I get something from the supermarket and cook something easy for dinner tonight? I don’t mind walking up and down in the snow.

Really, you are okay to stay in and not eating outside? If COOP is closed, we can do takeaway pizza.

Yeah, absolutely! You are the one who always want to eat outside. I never have any issues with it and It’s more relaxed and cozy staying here : )

Somehow I don’t mind staying in, this room is more spacious and comfortable than the photos we saw in the internet. It has a small pantry, might as well fully utilized it. It
also makes it more manageable with Marc.

In the end, he brought back 2 pizzas and we ordered some wine and cocktails from the hotel. Worked out nicely.

Gave a little massage to my knee, hmm, now I can feel where exactly the pain comes up.

Let’s sign off, let’s have an early night.

7:30am Sat 22 Feb still cloudy

P got up to the peak in the first lift up.

Texted me: icy outside, fell first step on the street but ok

Already came down from a black piste, fresh powder snow. Now going up to Hörnli then come back for breakfast.

10am Sunny, some blue sky

No skiing for me today, feeling meh!

Is it meant to happen this way? Things seem to happen for a reason some times, I am actually a bit annoyed as weather is much better today than yesterday, at least it’s seems sunny with some blue sky. Turned out Marc didn’t have good chemistry with the babysitter whatsoever for the first time, so I stay with Marc and Peter goes skiing by himself and I go to spa later this afternoon. He enjoyed a lot as there was fresh powder snow which I am not capable to do with him. Good he had a bit of fun as he has to go much slower when going with me.

Now speedy recover and until next time!

Important to play safe!


6 thoughts on “Thank God, I didn’t break my knee from skiing!

  1. Janet, i am glad to hear you are safe. Wishing your keen get better soon. However, you have taken some beautiful pics of the stunning scenery. Be blessed!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Helen. I hope I will recover speedily. I only skied one day last year. If all goes well, will take a lesson in March. Didn’t have lessons last 3 years, better to keep it up. I was so upset and wanted to note down what happened yesterday due to my bad memories : ) hope all is well on your side too!

  3. Janet, I think you have done really well given that you haven’t had the chance to ski much in the last few years and busy raising up a young toddler. Sorry I meant that I wish your “knee” will recover quickly. It is nice to get mountain fresh air, enjoy the lovely scenery and spend time with your family. I am well – i tied the knot last year and I am very grateful to have a kind and patient hubby.:)

  4. That is the greatest news I hear in 2014. Hope to meet you both one day in UK or if you visit Switzerland, let me know.

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